Friday, April 11, 2014

5 for Friday

Happy Friday!!  Here's 5 things I wanted to share with you:

1. TRESemme products are only 33¢ at Target this week.  

Here's how the deal works; buy 3 TRESemme products for $3.99 each, so a total of $12.  Use 3 of the $2 coupons that came out 3/23 RP and bring your total down to $6. Then get a $5 Target gift card at checkout which means you really only paid $1 for 3 products or 33¢ each!!  And these are big bottles of shampoo and conditioner.

Those of you in Raleigh, the North Hills Target was out of the $3.99 products, but the Target at Triangle had plenty.  And I learned you can get multiple gift cards in one transaction.  This deal is definitely good til 4/12, but I think it may run another week and be good til 4/19.

2. Here's another coupon deal where you can score free Crayola Markers at Walmart.

There is a $1 coupon for Crayola Broad Line or Fine Line Marker that came out in the 4/6 Red Plum (this pass Sunday). With this coupon, it appears the markers will be free at Walmart.

I would LOVE to have this coupon (and multiples of it) if you are not going to take advantage of this deal. I would love to get a whole suitcase of these markers and send them down to Guatemala for the kids down there.  Anna, Brooke, and Rob go to Guatemala this summer. 

Let me know if you have any of these Crayola Marker coupons to spare. I am up for trading too.

3. Last Sunday, we had a guest speaker at church, Carolyn Santos.  She spoke on The Intentional Family. And since my blog is The Intentional Home, I was all ears.  I thought you might be interested too. Click HERE to listen to the teaching.

Here's 3 things that stood out to me:

#1 You've heard it said: The grass is greener on the other side. The truth is: The grass is greener where you water it. 

We got to water our marriages. We got to water our family.

this print can be found here
#2 Carolyn put a list up during her teaching on how to fight for your family.  #1 was to be faithful to each other and to God.  But #2 was to take care of you. . .which I am not good at, but want to be good at.

#3 The frontal lobe of boys/men does not fully develop until around the age of 30.  THIRTY!!  Therefore, it is very wise for young men to have input from those older than 30.  I elbowed my David during this part.

4. Here's 2 Tax Day Freebies!  Arby's is giving away curly fries on April 15.  To get them, you gotta have a coupon from  The coupon is not up yet, but should be up in a few days.

And then Office Depot is offering a coupon to shred up to 5lbs of documents. The coupon can be found HERE and is good until April 29.  And I just learned that a pound of paper is roughly a 1/2 inch stack.

And #5 for this 5 for Friday: 

Mother/Daughter Craft Night is coming up on May 2!! Very soon, I will have a post with pictures of the craft we will be creating. We will be making 2 embroidery hoop crafts; they will look like something along these lines, except we will not do any sewing:

via Pinterest
HERE is a reacap of our first ever Mother/Daughter Craft Night where we painted a canvas of 2 lovebirds. And HERE is a recap of our 2nd Mother/Daughter Craft Night where we made a felted flower bunting.

More details are to come, but save May 2 for a special night of creation, fun, and connection just for moms and their daughters!  If you already want to get on the class list, email  me. Class fee will be $25 and include all supplies.

Happy Weekend!  May it be an intentional one! 

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Free Ice Cream Today!

Today, between 2-8pm, get free ice cream at Ben & Jerry's. 

We have been the past few years to the Ben & Jerry's at North Hills. The lines always look long, but move quickly and it is such fun to let the kids play in that grass field while we all eat free ice cream.

And don't forget that all this week (until 4/13), McDonald's continues to give customers a free cup of coffee each morning. Or if you stop in later in the day, you can get a free iced coffee. No purchase is necessary, just ask.

Oh let's be intentional about these freebies and invite our hubby out for a mini date, or a girlfriend out for good conversation, or our kiddo out for some one-on-one connection.

Monday, March 31, 2014

Free Coffee March 31 thru April 13

Today Dunkin Donuts is giving away FREE iced coffee. Just stop in on Monday, March 31 for a free 16 oz cup of doubled-brewed ice coffee. You can even add one of their 8 flavors to it: french vanilla, hazelnut, toasted almond, coconut, blueberry, cinnamon, caramel, or raspberry.

And then today (3/31) thru April 13, McDonald's is giving customers are free cup of coffee each morning. Or if you stop in later in the day, you can get a free iced coffee. No purchase is necessary.

Oh this is the perfect opportunity to meet our hubby or a girlfriend for coffee and some good conversation! Or take our teenager out for an iced treat and spend an hour connecting! Thanks Dunkin Donuts and McDonald's.

Monday, March 24, 2014

Harris Teeter Super Doubles Starts This Wed, 3/26

Harris Teeter is running Super Doubles starting 3/26. Looks like Harris Teeter is indeed following the schedule they’ve run the past few years. 

There is no set schedule for when Harris Teeter runs their Super Doubles and Triples event, but there does seems to be a pattern. Here is what the last few years have looked like. Looks like I forgot to record 2013 (I'll have to look that up one day), but you still see a pattern. 

2010                                      2011                                      2012                               2014       
Jan 6-12 SD                         Jan 5-11 SD                        Jan 4-10 SD                 Jan 1-7 SD
Feb 17- 23 SD                     Feb 16-22 SD                     Feb 15-21 SD              Feb 19-25 SD 
Mar 24- Mar 30 Triples        Mar 23-29 SD                     Mar 21-27 Triples        Mar 26- April 1SD
Apr. 28- May 4 Triples         April 27-May 3 SD              April 18-24 SD
May 19-25 SD                      May 18-24 Triples              May 16-22 Triples
June 23-29 SD                     June 22-28 SD                   June 20-26 SD-$2
Aug 11 - 19 SD                     Aug 10-16 SD                    Aug 8-14 SD-$2
Sept 15 - 21 SD                    Sept 14-20 Triples            Sept 12-18 SD-$2
Nov 3 - Nov 9 SD                  Nov 2-8 SD                        Oct 31- Nov 6 SD-$2

Super Doubles is when Harris Teeter doubles coupons with a face value of $2 or under. So $1 coupons are worth $2 and $1.50 coupons are worth $3, and $2 coupons are worth $4.

You can check out Harris Teeter's Official Coupon Policy HERE, but here is what you really need to know:

20 coupons per day per VIC card household are doubles. 3 identical coupons can be used per transaction and as of recently, now 3 of the exact same INTERNET PRINTABLE coupon can be used per transaction. You cannot split orders to get around any of these limits. You can stack an EVIC coupon with a paper coupon. If you need more details about EVIC coupons, see my post HERE.

For my Top 10 Tips for a Successful Super Doubles Shop, click HERE.

And if you would like details on how I organize my coupons for a major coupon event like this, check out this post HERE.  I organize all my Super Double coupons in a mini photo album:

Thursday, March 20, 2014

My Favorite Harris Teeter Deals, good til 3/25

This week I spent $41.53 and saved $63.36. I saved 60%! And it is not even a Super Doubles or Triples week. Great deals can be found every week!

Below are my favorite deals at Harris Teeter this week. These deals will be good until Tues, 3/25.  

Cinnamon Toast Crunch is on sale for $2.50. Use the 50¢ printable coupon at SwagBucks (that doubles and gives you SwagBuck points), the 50¢ e-vic coupon, and the SavingStar 50¢ credit, and you get the box for FREE. 

If you need details about e-vic coupons, see my explanation HERE.

If you need details about SwagBucks, see my post HERE.

If you need details about SavingStar, see my post HERE.

Golden Grahams are on sale for $2.50. Use the 75¢ printable coupon at SwagBucks (that doubles and gives you SwagBuck points) and you can get them for $1 a box. My stock up price for cereal is $1 or under.

Muller Pot-Size Pasta is on sale for $1.  Look for peelies for 75¢ that actually double and you get the box for FREE.

Bertolli Pasta Sauce is on sale BOGO, so they ring up $1.49. Use the 75/2 coupon from 3/9 RP and you can get 2 jars for $1.50 or 75¢ a jar.  My target price for pasta sauce is 50¢ to $1.

Vidal Sassoon Shampoo is on sale for $2.49. Use the $2 coupon from 3/2 PG and the $1 e-vic coupon and you actually make 50¢!!

Eggs are on sale for 99¢ a dozen. This is my stock up price for eggs.

Tampax Radiant Tampons are on sale for $4.49. Use the $2 coupon from 3/2 PG and the $2 e-vic coupon and you get the box for 49¢.

Dawn Dish Soap is on sale for $1. Use the 25¢ coupon from 3/2 PG and the 25¢ e-vic coupon and you get it for 25¢.

Helluva Good Dip is on sale for $2. Use the 75¢ coupon from 1/26 SS and you get it for 50¢.

Have you gone to Harris Teeter yet this week? What were you favorite deals?

Monday, March 17, 2014

St. Patrick's Conversation to Have Around the Dinner Table Tonight

Happy St. Patrick's Day!  If you've been around The Intentional Home blog a while, you know that I enjoy the teachable moments the holidays provide. I have shared the activities I do to teach truths at  EasterThanksgiving, and Christmas. And below is what we Soutters do on St. Patrick's Day. Perhaps the below will give you an idea for a St. Patrick's conversation to have around your dinner table tonight.

We use St. Patrick's Day to teach our kids how to have natural conversations with others about God.  You see, St. Patrick was a real man who loved God and went to Ireland to tell people about God. St. Patrick used the shamrocks in the fields of Ireland to explain the Trinity to the Irish. He used the shamrock to teach that there is one God with three persons, God, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit. 

"Even the plants of the field tell about God. The shamrock has three leaves but only one stem. Father, Son, and Holy Spirit are not three gods, but One God." ~ St. Patrick

We emphasize with out kids how St. Patrick used everyday objects to tell others about God.  We then brainstorm and practice how we can do the same. 

My Brooke is really really good at this. For example, Brooke noticed that her classmate was wearing a ring with a cross on it. So Brooke asked her classmate.  .oh tell me, what does your ring mean to you?  And a natural conversation about what each of them believed followed.

I have collected most of the simple board books by Patricia A. Pingry. I use these books to introduce the holiday. . the history, the symbol, and the Christian significance of each holiday. The books are geared toward the 2-5 year old, but I like them for my older kids (and me!) because it serves as a good reminder of "the basics" of the holiday.  Here is Patricia A. Pingry's St. Patrick's one:

41450: The Story of Saint Patrick"s Day The Story of Saint Patrick's Day
By Patricia Pingry
And here is her Easter one:

918446: The Story of Easter The Story of Easter
By Patricia A. Pingry

May we be intentional even with the holidays.

Note: Both of those book links are affiliate links.

Thursday, March 13, 2014

Come Tonight to a Coupon Class

Cut your Grocery Bill in Half!

Coupon Class in Raleigh Tonight
Thurs, March 13 from 7-9pm 

I shop for my family of 7 for less than $100 a week (and I still buy diapers!). That is all my family's food, cleaning, and health and beauty products. I shop one grocery store and one drug store only. And for the past 6 years I have been teaching others how to cut their grocery bill in half by using coupon strategically.

All details about the class as well as what past students are saying about this class, can be found HERE. You can also check out my "You Can Shop Like This Too" category on my blog to see pictures of my shops and of past student's shops. These are fun to look at.

There is still plenty of openings in this class.  This is the last coupon class I will be teaching out of my home. From now on, I will be only teaching this class at homes, churches, and businesses where a host gathers a class. So if you have always wanted to take this class, tonight is a great opportunity.

Class fee is $20 or $25 for hubby/wife. If you want to come, just contact me and let me know so I can prepare a folder for you and send you directions to my home.

And if any of the below thoughts are going thru your head, think again. We will start the class off by proving all the below false.

1. Couponing takes too much time. False.

2. Generic and store brand items are cheaper than name brand items bought with a coupon. False!!

3.  Walmart, Food Lion, Super Target, or Aldi is cheaper than shopping at Harris Teeter or Kroger or Lowes with coupons. False!!

4. Coupons are always for products I do not buy. False.

5. Coupons do not help the budgets of those who eat mostly organic or do not eat any processed, boxed foods or eat gluten free, etc. False.

I promise all the above are false. Come to my home on tonight, March 13 and learn why. And learn how you really can cut your grocery bill in half. You can do this!

Let me know if you have any questions. I can be contacted here.
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