Monday, October 3, 2016

Where Can You Find Me?

Oh, I know it has been a long while since I have blogged. It's a new season. A season of a new (to us) home, new dreams, teenagers galore, soul care, and happy art. One day, perhaps, this blog will reflect this new direction. But for now, let's connect at the places below:

1. I am still on Facebook.  I am Su Soutter on Facebook now, not The Intentional Home. I still believe we were made to be the heartbeat of our homes, but I am no longer teaching classes on couponing or homemaking out of my home. Occasionally, I still speak, usually on Meal Planning or How to Bring Peace (not Perfection!) to Our Homes, my top 2 most requested topics. But mostly I am focusing on my art. I am thoroughly enjoying creating uplifting, one-of-a kind, handmade, colorful art. Here's one of my latest creations:

2. I am now on Instagram. I am Su Soutter on Instagram too. I like making pretty things. And I like making things pretty. And I share all that pretty on Instagram. I also share God stories, and about my husband and my 5 kiddos. Cause I like them too.

3. I am in the process of opening an Etsy shop.  I hope to have a grand opening December 1, just in time for some Christmas shopping. I'll be sure to share the link to my shop when it opens. I will share that link on Facebook and Instagram. I hope you will follow me one of those 2 places.

I have been selling my art at local shows for the past 15 years. I now want to try my hand at selling online. I am brand new to Etsy so I am slow moving over there, but I do want to have a full blown shop there soon.

4. And speaking of local craft shows, I will be at 2 this November.

Wakefield High School's Mistletoe Market is Saturday, November 12 from 9am to 4:30pm. This is Wakefield's 16th year hosting this show with over 200 vendors! My friend Alli and I will be in Booth #8 in the Winter Wonderland gym (the main, big one).  Here is our booth from last year. 

This year our booth will have new creations such as my series of campers:

and Alli will bring handmade creations from her shop, The Art and Soul Shop. Admission to Wakefield's Mistletoe Market is $5 and children under 12 are free, but if you bring a canned food item with you, you get $1 off admission.

Wakefield High School is located at 2200 Wakefield Pines Drive in Raleigh, NC 27614.

Alli and I will also be at Hayes Barton Methodist Church's Humble Heart Bazaar (wow! that's a mouthful, eh?. . .but oh, it is a heart full too!!). This show is Tues, Nov 15 from 6pm to 8pm. And Wed, Nov 16 from 10am to 2pm. Hayes Barton United Methodist Church is located at 2209 Fairview Rd, Raleigh, NC 27608 and admission is free.

I started this blog post with a picture of the front of my new business cards. I will end with a picture of the back. . .because this is what I know to be true of each one of you.

Thanks for joining me in this new season!!

Monday, November 16, 2015

Holiday Bazaar this Tues and Wed!

Hayes Barton United Methodist Church's Humble Heart Bazaar (wow! that's a mouthful, eh?. . but oh, it is a heart full too!!) is this Tues and Wed, Nov 17 and 18.

This is my second year participating in the Humble Heart Bazaar and one of my favorite shows of the whole season. The atmosphere is just so sweet and happy.

Plus I love that 100% of the show's proceeds support missions including Safe Child, Wee Care, Methodist Home for Children, Encouraging Place, and many more.

The bazaar is this Tuesday, Nov 17 from 6pm to 8pm and Wednesday, Nov 18 from 10:30am to 2pm. Admission is free.

Hayes Barton United Methodist Church is located at 2209 Fairview Rd, Raleigh, NC 27608. 
Sure hope to see you there.

Thursday, November 12, 2015

This Sat: Wakefield High's Mistletoe Market (and 2 Craft Show Shopping Tips)

Tis the season for craft shows! I like everything about crafts shows:

shopping local
shopping independent artists, designers, and crafters
supporting my community
meeting and being inspired by creative business women
finding something special, unique, and handmade
I love it all. So much so, that I often set up my own little shop every season at one (or more) of the local holiday shows.

This Saturday, I will be at Mistletoe Market, a huge show at Wakefield High School. Wakefield High is located at 2200 Wakefield Pines Drive, Raleigh, NC 27614. There will be 196 vendors there and I will be in the Winter Wonderland Gym, the huge gym, booth #37 & 38.
Sure hope you can carve out time this Saturday to grab your best girlfriend and come soak in a fun day of handmade goodness.
This was one of my booth's last year.  I will have those large stars for sale this year too.  And I made a smaller version of the stars for this year's shows.

And for those of you new to shopping craft shows, I have 2 bits of advice:

1. Bring cash and checks as a lot of craft shows do not take debit or credit cards. It is becoming more popular for individual artists to now have "the square" that allows them to take payment by debit or credit card, but there are still a lot who only take cash or check. Plus the artists have to pay "the square" about 3% of the purchase price every time they use it. . which is a lot for a small local independent business. . .so you can doubly bless the artist by paying with cash.

Here is another booth of mine:

Advice Bit #2. Bring a tote bag so you have all your purchases in one place when you get home. Plus a tote bag will make sure your hands are free to touch all the handmade goodness. You can also save a few plastic bags by bringing your own tote bag.

And now, a sampling of what will be at my booth this Saturday.  This is just a sampling. There will be tons more!

My large nativities: 

And small nativities:

I almost always share a booth with my artist friend, Alli.  These Christmas Tree Planks are her newest creation:

Alli specializes in rustic wooden signs which she sells on her etsy site, The Art & Soul Shop.

Home Sweet Home sign. Housewarming sign. Rustic sign. custom sign. Home decor. wall decor. wall art.
 I will have my World Changer Blocks:


And new this year, my Truth Blocks. Know someone who needs to hear these words whispered to their heart?  There is also one that reads: You're Not Alone.

Ok. . I am off to put the last touches on my creations and then load up the van.  Hope to see you Saturday!

Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Holiday Open House This Friday!

It's been a long while since I've blogged, but I had to tell you about a Holiday Open House that is happening this Friday, Nov 6 from 10am to 5pm in Quail Hollow neighborhood in Raleigh, NC. 

I look forward to going to (and being a part of) the area craft shows and local open houses every holiday season. Original art makes me smile. In an era of mass production, handmade pieces speak warmth and character. Plus I much rather give my money to a real local artisan than to Kirklands or HomeGoods. And I love supporting and being inspired by creative business women. If you get what I am saying, come this Friday to the Holiday Open House in Quail Hollow neighborhood, Raleigh, NC. 

I am so excited to be joining the following group of talented ladies:

Susan Boylston with LuLaRoe 
Susan Boylston is the host of this Holiday Open House. Just wondering through her home will delight your eyes and heart. Susan is also a creative business women who sells the stylish, comfortable, and affordable (prices range from $16 to $56) LuLaRoe clothing line. From little girls sizes 2-14 to ladies sizes XX Small to XX Large, there is something for everyone. Check out the in-home boutique Susan has set up for you:

Erin Solomon of Prissypots

Erin of Prissypots, who had a booth at the Junior League Shopping Spree this year, will be at this Holiday Open House too. She specializes in hand-painted signs, personalized ornaments, and holiday d├ęcor.

Alli Rogosich of The Art & Soul Shop


My friend Alli and I will be sharing a room at this Holiday Open House. Alli sells her handmade delights at area craft shows (where we almost always share a booth) and on her etsy site, The Art and Soul Shop.

Alli specializes in rustic wooden signs, mixed media art, rustic frames, XL front porch signs, family tree signs and digital art. Here is a new piece she created for this year's shows:

Bonnie with Poplin Kids

Bonnie, the founder of Poplin Kids will be there too. The story behind Poplin is rooted in a group of women in Colombia, South America. These women hand stitch, design and sell children's outerwear. This business initiative is helping them fight for a better life while living in challenging environments of violence and poverty. Poplin sells children's' scarves, hats, jackets, pullovers, ponchos, lovies, vests, and coats. 
Brandi Mendenhall of Noonday Collections

Brandi represents (formerly) impoverished artisans from around the world, helping provide access to the US marketplace, while advocating on their behalf. Come take a look at the handmade and ethically sourced jewelry, accessories, belts, bags, and home goods.
and then Me:
Su Soutter with her Happy, Intentional Art

I just moved. Well, I moved on August 1, but it still feels like and looks like I just moved in two days ago. But I could not skip the craft shows and open houses this year. They bring my heart so much joy. So I have been working on some new creations even though our house is not set up yet.

You asked for them. I made them. Smaller versions of my original nativity boards. David is on the screen in porch right now sanding the edges for you. I am making them in red, apple green, light turquoise blue, and midnight dark blue. I love the stars on the small nativities.

I will have some of my original long nativity boards available too. 

I also made some small stars. Last year, I made 4 foot stars. This year I made a smaller 2 foot version. Prettier pictures will come; I am in the midst of creating.

And then my favorite.  Such truth is these 4 X 4 blocks. Perfect stocking stuffer.  I am making these in all colors: apple green, turquoise, butter yellow, light gray, dark gray, hot pink.  They will be in a clear bag all tied up with a pretty ribbon for you.
Sure hope to see you this Friday, Nov 6. The open house is near North Hills Mall, in Quail Hollow neighborhood off Millbrook Rd in Raleigh. We'll be there 10am to 5pm. Come get some Christmas shopping done early. . . since there is only 7 Saturdays til Christmas. 

Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Art Camp!

Last week Anna and I held our first ever one-day Spring Break Art Camp. We had to stay a little more focused and work a little quicker than we normally do in our week-long summer camps because we had to start and finish a project in just 3 hours. I did have to cut snack out on the deck and Anna playing "Would you rather?" and "Amercan Idol Sing Off" with the girls a little short. And we did have to bring out the hairdryer to dry the wet paint, but check out the finish projects:

We were inspired by a piece of art Anna and I found on Pinterest. The girls began their own creations by covering canvases with old dictionary pages and then they added the colorful, whimsical flowers and then the black and white vase to ground it all. Details were added with oil pastels.

Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once we grow up. Pablo Picasso said that.

And here is proof that the projects we create in our camps are really cool pieces. . .not something that you end up throwing away. Ava's mom sent me the below picture and said that Ava's canvas lights up her room.

And below is another little testimonial about the kind of art we create. This came from a new momma. Her daughter attended our craft camp for the first time last week.
Dear Su and Anna,
Thank you so much! Lily had a wonderful time and is so happy with her artwork! I must say this camp far surpassed my expectations! She has been to a couple other camps like this and came away with junky little crafts that were never enjoyed again. I was thrilled that she came away with actual piece of art! Lily picked out the perfect home for her masterpiece in the playroom, though I really tried to talk her into letting me hang it in my office!  -AJ
I love what I do. I love art. I love color. I love getting messy with all the fun supplies. I love the opportunity to invest in young girls. I love working alongside my daughter. Here is Anna with 2 campers from last year and their owl batiks! That was one fun project.
Pictures from art camp make me smile. I did not take nearly enough last Thursday when we had our one-day camp.  Fortunately, we have THREE!! week-long summer camps coming up. 
The July and August week are already full, but there is still room the week of June 22-26. If you have a special girl in your life between the ages of 7-13 and would like all the details about camp, check out this post here and then contact me. 

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Are you still couponing? If so. . . read on!

Are you still couponing?  For those of you who may not know, that is how this blog and classes got started 7 years ago!! If you are interested in reading that story, you can read it here.

Here are 4 notes for those of you still couponing:

1. In today's (Wed, March 25) News and Observer, there is a Harris Teeter sales flyer and on the front page of that flyer there is one great coupon:  $15 off $75, good today thru Tues, March 31.

2. It's almost the end of the month and for many of us couponers that means it is time to pull the expired coupons.

For those of us who use the file method to organize coupon inserts, this often means taking an insert and flipping page by page looking at the expiration date on each coupon. Or getting our kids to do it :)

But no more!!

There is a resource on Southern Savers that tells you when a coupon insert has expired. What a time saver. Read below for the steps.

Go to Southern Savers.

Look at the upper right hand corner and click on the white button that says "Coupon Dafabase"

Choose your newspaper. Mine and you Raleigh gals is NC-The News and Observer (Raleigh)

Underneath the bar that you choose the newspaper in is another bar.  In this bar is where you are going to search. 

In this search bar, type the date of the insert. Use this format: 8/19  If there is a single digit date (not month, just date), then type in 8/05 and then type in 8/5, just to check both. Then click the little gold square with the magnifying class in it.

And then in the box below, all the current coupons that came out on 8/19 will appear.  If the box says no results found, then you know that the coupon inserts that came out on that date have no current coupons and can be thrown away, recycled, or sent to the military for their use.

If you see SS 8/19 but no RP 8/19, then you know to keep the 8/19 SS insert and pull the 8/19 RP. Just make sure you check all the pages. Under the box that list the coupons are these little green boxes that show how many pages you need to scroll thru.

Hope this saves you a little bit of time. I just went thru my whole crate of file folders. It is so much lighter now. 

But I already did all that for you so if you need to clean out your file box this month (March 2015). . here is what you need to keep:

10/12 RP and 12/7 SS. . .these 2 inserts have one coupon in them that is still good. However, they both expire 3/31.  And then you need to keep all inserts from Jan 4, 2015 thru this pass Sunday, March 22.  All other inserts you need to get rid of.

3. And most of you have noticed that I am not blogging as often as I used to. I want to write a blog post filling you in on the whys and all that I have learned, but the quick reason is teenagers. It's not bad; I just want to make sure I finish this parenting thing well. But I wanted to let you know, I have been quite regular on Facebook. So if you do not follow The Intentional Home on Facebook yet, you may want to. 

Monday, March 23, 2015

Announcing Art Camps for Girls ages 7-12

Announcing Art Camp by Anna and Su Soutter
this is our 4th year!!
for Girls ages 7-12
One Day Spring Break Class Thurs, March 26
and a full Summer Week: June 22-26 OR July 13-17

held at the Soutters' home in Raleigh, NC
(off Millbrook Rd, the part between Falls of Neuse and Six Forks)
$25 for one day Spring Break camp and $125 per summer week

Anna and I are excited to announce this year's Art Camp dates. This is our 4th year offering Summer Art Camp. This year's weeks are June 22-26 and July 13-17 (the week in August is already full, so you can choose the June week or the July week).

Each week we will be creating different projects so girls can come to more than one week if they want. Camp is from 9:30-12:30. Girls will complete 8-10 projects by the end of the week. . .really cool crafts that I promise you will not end up throwing away.

Snack will be provided. Some days we will just serve snack and other days we will move into the kitchen to make an edible foodie craft for snack.

Camp fee is $125 and all supplies are included. Each week will be limited to 12 to 14 girls.

And this year we are offering a one day Spring Break Art Camp. If your girl does not have school this Thurs, March 26, consider signing her up for a morning of fun and creativity. Time is from 9:30-12:30. A snack will be provided and cost is $25. Camp is limited to 12-14 girls. We will be creating an 18 by 24 canvas (that is big!) inspired by this project Anna and I found on Pinterest.


Anna uses the money from these art camps to travel to Guatemala each summer. This summer will be Anna's 6th time going to Guatemala. Anna and Rob went to Guatemala the summer of 2008 to love up on the children in a number of orphanages, including the one Jonathan (our 5th child) lived in for his first 10 months. Since then, Anna has had a heart for the children of Guatemala. Here is Anna from that summer (she was 11), whispering to a girl that she is indeed a princess and very much loved. 

Each summer, Anna loves on the children of Casita Adonai. Casita Adonai is a small private Christian school in a difficult area of Guatemala City, an area devastated by poverty, gangs, and lack of education.  Here is Anna last year with the 3 kids she sponsors.

My Anna (who will be 18 in May and graduated from high school this past December ) is super crafty. My Anna is patient. My Anna loves pouring into those younger than she is. She is the oldest of 5, helps teach Sunday School to the elementary school kids, and purposely seeks out the younger girls at church to love on and pour into. This craft camp is right up her alley. Many of the girls who attend camp come back every summer. . .and I think it is mainly because of Anna.

If you would like to sign up your girl for our Art Camp, contact me with what summer week/spring break day you are interested in and I send you all the details.


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