Wednesday, April 1, 2009

In This Home Paintings

It's More than Just Art. . .

it's a Vision for Your Family

If you have been in my home, you have seen the large whimsical art above my fireplace.

This painting is so much more than just decor.

This is what the Soutters are all about; these are our priorities.

Here is a painting I did for the Ferguson family:

Just tell me your colors. What colors make you smile?

Pink and brown made this gal smile.

Or you can send me photos of the room where you will hang this one-of-a-kind art. Here is a painting I did for a special family in Kansas after I saw pictures of their kitchen:

Tell me what color background you are thinking. a warm neutral like cream or  tan/khaki OR a bright cheerful color like this apple green.

Or perhaps a soft blue. I can do any color background you want.

Tell me your colors and I will then pick out the paint and paper and have you approve. This gal shared she wanted blues and khakis, and some turquoise too because it was her favorite color.
Once colors are approved, you then get me a list of 20 things your family is about. I can give you a list to help you brainstorm.
Here is another one-of-a-kind In This Home painting. I love that one of this family's "we do statements" is we do snuggles.
Each painting is a custom, unique piece just for your home. No two paintings are identical; this is truly one-of-a- kind art. What a reminder of your family's priorities and purpose!! This piece was made for a special family in California:
The paintings are dimensional. . the words "In This Home" and the house stands out from the canvas. The roof and door of the house are separate pieces and add even more dimension.
I love the button as the doorknob.
Three sizes are available:
A 24" wide by 18" tall painting is $105.
Here is a 24 by 18 painting that will hang in the Miller's home:

The next size I offer is 36" wide by 24" tall for $175. This was a birthday present from a hubby to his wife.

I also offer a huge, 48" wide by 36" tall pieces of art; this is the size of the painting in my living room for $265. Here is one of the large paintings I did for the Dickenson's, to hang in their dining room:
Contact me and we can talk your colors, what your family is all about, and get started on your unique piece of art work right away.
And one more picture. Below is a painting I did for the Cleary family. Look how the door and windows match her dining room walls perfectly!
Click here to see what the Cleary family and others are saying about their paintings.
Please note that if you are not local (Raleigh, NC) and I have to ship your painting, shipping/handling charges will be added to the price of the painting. The 24 by 18 paintings are about $15. The 36 by 24 painting are averaging around $25. And the largest 48 by 36 paintings are averaging $98 to ship.


  1. I am going to email you about getting one of these for my home!

  2. LOVE LOVE LOVE this! So much heart! I can't wait until we move into our new house in June I will definitely be ordering the big one! So cute.

  3. I love the artwork and the house looks so cute and lovely.


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