Friday, November 16, 2012

8 Intentional & Pretty Thankful Lists

One of the first activities we Soutters do to begin celebrating Thanksgiving is to make a list of all the things we are thankful for. This is not an original Thanksgiving idea by any means, but sure is a great way to encourage intentional gratitude.

This is not just for the kids. Mom and dad can do this too. Those around your dinner table Thanksgiving day could do this. This is an activity that crosses the generations.
And there are some really cute ways to make this list. Below are 8 that I found. I will be getting our supplies ready this weekend to make our gratitude list. Perhaps this weekend, you too could get ready to make an intentional and pretty thankful list? 

1. Here is the Thankful Chain we made a few years ago. I liked making a colorful chain because after Thanksgiving, we put it on our Christmas tree.

Perhaps this weekend you could gather some construction paper, a few markers, and a stapler.  And then this coming week you could see how long your family can grow this chain.

2. Simple Modern Mom made a Thankful Leaf Garland

Go to her blog here to see closeups and step by step how-tos. Do you see how each leaf has something their family is thankful for written on it? 

3. Jamie over at Rose Cottage made this Thankful Tree:

4. And this Gratitude Tree was made by Intentional Home blog reader Kimberly. She and her family take a hike on Thanksgiving Day and collect pieces for their table centerpiece. Then they come home and make a list of what they are thankful for and put each on a little tag that they hang from their tree. 

5. Here is a Thankful Wreath I found over at We Are That Family. It uses a styrofoam wreath, construction paper leaves, and straight pins. I think this may be what I am going to do this year. Put it in the center of the dinner table so that we can add to it each night and then by Thanksgiving, we will have a full wreath for the front door.  Or perhaps I should show this blog post to my kids and let them pick what one of the 8 ideas they want to do.

6. This Thankful Wreath from Home Stories A to Z is a little more sophisticated with burlap, book page leaves, and upholstery tacks. But get this, the base of this wreath is an old pool noodle. You can click here for more pics and all the how-tos.

7. Here is another sophisticated, yet very simple way to display your thankful list. This String of Blessings is from Southern Living.

Print out or even just write individual words on tabs, and fold them around twine. Perhaps put a little glue to hold the tabs together and then you could weave the twine along the center of your Thanksgiving table.

8. And  gives all the details on how to make this kid-friendly Thankful Turkey

Thanksgiving is coming Thursday and oh it is so much more than turkey and football and Black Friday deals.

Beginning this weekend, Rob and I will be intentional about fostering thankfulness in us and in our 5 kids. We are taking dinner time to talk about the real story of Thanksgiving and to do activities that encourage thankfulness. . that help us practice thankfulness. . that hopefully make thankfulness a habit. I plan to share some of these activities here on my blog Sat, Mon, Tues, and Wed. But if you cannot wait until then, you may want to check out my Thanksgiving tab or my Thanksgiving board on Pinterest.

May your Thanksgiving be an intentional one!

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  1. Thanks for the link! We've been having fun with our thankful tree! :)

  2. going to make a thankful tree tomorrow!!!..Thanks for those awesome tips! and we are going to go on a Thanksgiving table decorating hike with the kids and decorate the table with the outdoors.. I will send a pic of what E and L come up with!

  3. Check out our pic on my fb page! Thank you! ~~Heather


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