Thursday, November 4, 2010

Coupon Class Tonight: Open to Public

Tonight!! Thursday, November 4, I have a coupon class at Raleigh Vineyard in Raleigh, off of Litchford Rd. The class is from 7-9pm and the class is open to the public. If you would like to come, please do. . just arrive at 6:45 to register and get settled.

Directions to Raleigh Vineyard can be found here. The address is 6894 Litchford Road. I will be at the main entrance and will show you where to go.

All you need to bring is a pen and perhaps something to press on (clipboard, book) and then the class fee of $20 per person or $25 per married couple.

 I grocery shop for our family of 6 for less than $100 a week (and I still buy diapers!). That is all our food, cleaning, and health and beauty products. And I shop one grocery store and one drug store only.
My coupon classes are info packed, but also lots of fun and personal. My goal is to inspire and encourage, but also equip you with practical tools and lots of resources. I'll show you all the secrets. You’ll be able to ask lots of questions. I’ll have lots of handouts and give you a close up look at my coupon system. Plus after class, you will receive lots of tips and leads to encourage you as you try out couponing.
We will cover all the strategies of couponing, where to get coupons, store policies, how to stay organized, websites to check out, double and triple coupons, drugstore rebate programs, and more. You will leave with the knowledge to save on your very next shopping trip.

Here is are what past students are saying:
It means so much to our family that you opened your home to teach thrift and couponing. We are now consistently spending 50% of what we were spending just a few months ago. And that means everything, not just groceries. You've helped us see the light at the end of the maternity leave tunnel. – DH
I've gotten our grocery bill down from $800-$1100 to about $400 -$500 a month. It's been wonderful! Thanks again for your advice and help. -KC
You have helped me tremendously and I am really excited about it. I actually have more peace since your class, about having to quit my weekly job than I did before I knew of a way to save us some money. –CC
Your class has saved my family lots of money. I can't tell you how much these dollars mean to our family budget. It has been a real blessing the way you equipped me with the tools to do this. We have also been able to give freely to the food pantry thanks to your class. Really, your class has made a big difference for us. -BM
Our grocery bill for our family of 4 for this month was only $371. Last month it was $800! My freezer and pantry are well stocked along with a bathroom linen closet. I am very, very encouraged that I can really cut our grocery bill! -SE
The class pays for itself. I made a profit after the first run to the grocery store. –AC
Couponing has enabled me to cut our grocery shopping by about 60%. My goal is to never pay full price for an item again. Let me teach you all I have learned tonight!!


  1. Su -- Not sure where to post this question. . . but perhaps a similar question will arise in tonight's coupon class. Here goes: HT just began an eVIC electronic coupon system where you "Save" HT eCoupons from their website onto your VIC card to use if/when items are purchased. I read the "More Info" section associated w/ these coupons and saw a note to CONSUMER that no other coupons may be used in conjunction. BUT, I'm wondering if this is like the "do not double" warning on Qs that do indeed double. For the record -- Can we stack HT eCoupons w/ manufacturer's Qs? (If I make it to HT before you reply, I'll be sure to ask at Customer Service and let you know their answer!) Thanks :)

  2. Fembot108-

    Since this is such a new thing. . I do not know definitely. . I know at Kroger who does e coupons you CAN stack e coupons with paper ones. . I am guessing customer service will not know the answer. . I would try and see. . .just on one item where you know you have an e coupon and try using a paper with it and see if it accepts the paper. . my guess is yes. . let me know. I have not done the HT evic coupon thing. . .I need to look into that since I shop there weekly. . .let me know what you find out and I will do the same and either email you or do a post on it :) Thanks for reading my blog!!

  3. I really enjoyed your class last night. Thanks so much for sharing your skills and for being such a great presenter. It is really encouraging to hear how you are not only saving money for your family but furthering God's kingdom, just by couponing!


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