Thursday, April 29, 2010

$5 Rebate on Deli Items

I know we are in the midst of Harris Teeter Triples, and I still have yet to get there, but I had to run into Food Lion and my kids found this:

1. a tear pad by Miller Lite for $5 mail-in rebate when you purchase $10 in Deli items. The Deli items have to be purchased between 4/1 and 4/30.

There is no clarification as to whether this has to be from the deli, deli or if it can be prepackaged deli meat. I am gonna give it a try on my prepackaged deli meat and cheese. I may have some old receipts laying around with true deli purchases; I'll have to go look.

This is why it is a good idea to have a shoebox/file where you just throw your grocery and drugstore receipts. You never know when you will stumble across a rebate where one of those receipts will be able to make you some money!!

So I grabbed a handful of these rebate forms. If you have purchased $10 in deli items or plan to before the 30th and you still have the receipt and want to get $5, I'll be more than happy to share.

2 ways you can get it:

1. Email me and tell me you are gonna stop by my house and pick it up. I will leave it in an envelope with your name on it in the green box on my front porch. I'll stick some other tear pad goodies in the envelope for you too :)

2. I'll trade you. I'll stick this in the mail to you along with some other tear pad goodies if you will stick in the mail to me. .the coupon from the Entertainment Book for Project 58. You know what I am talking about, that book kids sell for school fundraisers. There is a coupon in there for one complimentary skateboard session at Project 58. .you may have to look up Vertical Urge in the index. . Project 58 and Vertical Urge are run by the same people. So you mail me that Project 58 coupon and I will mail you this deli rebate and some other goodies. Just email me your snail mail address.

My son wants to wrap these Project 58 coupoms up for his Dad for Father's Day; this is where the two of them go for dad/son time :) Here's a sweet pic from 2006. David was only 6.

And talking about rebates, have you sent off for these other rebates yet?


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