Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Why to Meal Plan Even When You Do Not Want To

What are the advantages to meal planning, to deciding what to eat before it is time to prepare dinner. . before it is 5pm and you are tired, hungry, and overwhelmed???

In my Meal Planning & Freezer Cooking Class
, I ask gals to think ahead of time why they want to meal plan. . because if you know why, then you have more motivation to make meal planning/freezer cooking a reality.

Why to Meal Plan Even When You Don't Want To:

1. Save $ (food waste goes down, no more extra trips to grocery store, do not go out to eat as much). . this is true even if you do not coupon

2. Save Time: Truth is is takes about an hour to get dinner on the table if you haven't a clue what to cook until the hour approaches.

3. Save Stress/Feel Organized/Life is Easier/Simplifies Life (you know what you have, what to get at grocery store, when to thaw meat, you can answer your hubby's question: What's for dinner?)

4. No More Guilt for Going Out to Eat: you go out to eat because you want to, not because you have to.

5. Cook Healthier/Diet Under Control

6. Way to Love Up on Our Families

What is the one reason that really stands out to you??

I am sharing this post again because I have a Meal Planning & Freezer Cooking class tonight which I do still have 3 spots open if you'd like to come. Email me and I can send you the details.

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  1. I just took this class last week...and not only do I have meals planned for this week (using Su's easy handout), but I also spent 30 LESS minutes in the grocery store! Thank you so much...i'd recommend this class to anyone! :)


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