Friday, May 21, 2010

5 pointers until Monday. . .

No more posts until Monday because this weekend is gonna be spent celebrating my Anna who is 13! Today I am getting ready to have 7 of her girlfriends over for a Duct Tape, Sharpie, and Splatter Paint Party so much to do :)

But wanted to share 5 things to check out over the weekend:

1. HB emailed me this picture from Super Doubles at Harris Teeter. She paid only $1.57 for all the below:

2. I did another Super Doubles shop yesterday and spent only $1.35. I saved $67.36!! So a savings of 98%!!!!!! If you want to figure our your % savings, see this post here.

3. Do not forget to check out this Sunday's coupons to see if there are any good deals to be had at Super Doubles with them. . if you find any, please leave a comment here so we can all take advantage of the deal. There should be a SS and a RP insert in this Sunday's paper according to the 2010 Newspaper Coupon Insert Schedule.

4. Note in the 2010 Newspaper Coupon Insert Schedule, there will be no coupons next Sunday, May 30. This schedule is GENERALLY correct. Coupons usually do not come out on holiday weekends.

So since there are no coupons in this coming Sunday's paper 5/30, you may want to call N&O's Customer Service at 1-800-522-4205. You will then enter #1 and proceed to enter stop date and restart date. You can just have your subscription extended a week.

5. And since you are saving so much at Super Doubles this week, you may be getting asked by your hubby, neighbors, friends:

"How are the stores making money when you buy stuff for a quarter or get it for free? Don't you feel like you are ripping the store off?

See this post here.

And then if you want even more proof that we couponers are not "cheating the system", "ripping off the store" or "stealing", then go here and read how a store actually wants couponers in their doors. The comments in this post titled "Coupons: We All Win" are worth reading too.

Happy Weekend!!

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  1. Hey Su! I just noticed that there will be a $1 off Wisk Detergent coupon in Sunday's RP insert. HT is selling that this week for $3.99 so after the coupon doubles it would be $1.99. Not too bad. Enjoy celebrating Anna this weekend. It goes by too fast doesn't it?


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