Saturday, May 15, 2010

Creative & Thoughtful, Yet Inexpensive Gift Ideas!

Just for fun, I thought I'd show you the buckets I just finished personalizing for J-boy's End of the Year Preschool Party!

I love how personalization takes a simple gift and makes it a little more meaningful, creative, and fun!!

Speaking of End of Year Parties, you many want to check out my post here. . and read all the comments to see what creative, resourceful, thrifty women do to love up on the teachers in their life. Love all those ideas!!! They are so thoughtful and creative and meaningful, yet inexpensive.

As I was blog surfing this week, I boomarked this idea below. It fits perfectly in this post, so I will share with you. Traci over at Beneath My Heary blog took a bag full of mint candies:
And added a cute poem to the front to make a special gift for her son's teachers.

Click here for all the details from Traci at Beneath My Heart. She even has the words of the poem printed our for you.

And For more "pun on word" gifts that are quick and easy to make. . yet creative and fun, see my post here.

And for 2 other thoughtful, valuable, yet inexpensive gift ideas check out my post here and here.

I'd love to one day have a link on my side bar of all these ideas. . . if you stumble across another cute idea, would you email me the link? Or if you make one of these cute gifts, would you snap a picture and send it to me? And then I will compile all these ideas in one document for us to refer to. . what a resource that would be.


  1. Family Fun this month has some SUPER cute ideas. Check them out

  2. I love those buckets! how did you do their names????

  3. Su,
    I love the idea of personalizg! How did you do their names????


  4. Jennifer and Danielle-

    I bought a Cricut off of craigslist!! The names are cut vinyl . . .I will be posting some other projects I have been up to soon.


  5. Thank you so much for mentioning my teacher assort-"mint".
    I love your personalized cups. That is such a great idea.


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