Thursday, May 13, 2010

MY CVS shop

The key to CVS is to use sales, manufacturer coupons (and store coupons if you have them) AND ECBs all on the same item. Another key is to break your items up into multiple transactions so you are rolling the ECBS, getting ECBS to print out and then paying with them. You want to spend as little real money as possible.

Here is my CVS ship I did yesterday:

Transaction 1: Bought Kotex Pads on sale for $4.99, used $1 q from 4/18 SS which made total $3.99 plus 39 cents in tax so total of $4.38 BUT got back $4.99 in ECBS

Transaction 2: Bought 2 Crest Pro Health Toothpastes (note limit is 2 instead of 1) that were 3.50 each so a total of $7, used 2 of the 75 cents coupons that were in the 5/2 PG and brought total down to 5.50, paid using the $4.99 ECBS from above so ended up paying less than a dollar for 2 toothpastes AND got back $7 in ECBS

Transaction 3: Got 2 Dry Ideas on sale for $2.49 each and a pack of Pull Ups on sale for 8.49. The total was $13.47. . used $1.50 coupon for Pull Ups and $7 in ECBS and brought total down to $4.97 plus tax which made it $6.02 BUT got back $6 in ECBS (2 ECBS for pullups and 2 ECBS for each Dry Idea).

Transaction 4: Bought Claritin for 9.99, used $2 off coupon to make it 7.99, paid with the $6 in ECBS and got it to just over $2 AND got back $3 ECBS for next week

So for a grand total of $13: I got Pullups, Clartin, Kotex Pads, 2 toothpastes, and 2 deodorants. The Claritin alone would run you about that.

If you are gonna give this a try, you need to do so on or before Sat, May 15th. Let me know how you do!! The CVS on Falls next to the hospital was stocked on all ECB items and this was Wednesday I shopped.


  1. By the way, if you sign up for CVS emails right now, they will send you a $4 off $20 purchase coupon!

  2. Figured I'd share my deal this week since I thought I did pretty well.....
    Trans. 1: 2 Rightguard deo's $2.49/each. Had $3 off 2 coupon from online. Payed $2.37 total and got back $4 ECB
    Trans 2: 2 Crest toothpastes $3.50 each and had 2 $.75 coupons plus $4 ECB. Payed $2.04 and got $7 ECB.
    Trans 3: 1 pack Huggies Little Movers diapers $8.49. Used $1.50 coupon plus $7 ECB. Cashier has to change ECB to $6.99 to make it go through. Paid $.66 and got $2 ECB for later.
    SO...for a total of $5.07 I got 2 deo's for my husband, 2 toothpastes, and 1 pack diapers. and still had $2 ECB to spend.


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