Tuesday, May 25, 2010

My Husband's Experience Couponing

This post is written by Rob, my husband. I think he is a little proud. I guess he does not realize that what he describes below is what I have been teaching in my coupon classes for the past 2 years.

So for your entertainment (smile) and for a good review of what is covered in class and because I am thankful for a husband that wants to write a blog post. Is Rob into couponing and blogs? No, but he is into me. Below I give your my hubby's post:

Last night I had my first opportunity to see my coupon queen in action! Wow what a trip! I felt the need to document what I saw.

I told Su I needed to stop by Harris Teeter to pick up spinach and milk. "Great," she replied, "I will grab a few things too.”

As we entered, Su grabbed her binder. "Are you embarrassed by the binder?" she asked. "No, why?" I asked. "Some husbands are embarrassed," she said.

First of all, I couldn't imagine anyone was looking or cared, but if they did what was I going to be embarrassed about....embarrassed that my wife was saving us hundreds of dollars a month. I won't write the things that I said in my head about the embarrassed husbands.

As we entered the store, Su reached in the binder and pulled out a wad of coupons. Then I watched in amazement as she quickly moved around the store. I didn't know I was going to need my running shoes to keep up with her.

Su knew exactly where she was going. She moved straight from one item to the next (unlike me who takes 10 minutes to find ketchup). First we went to the Wholly Guacamole. Darn, they were all sold out. I had to wonder if it was Su's fault that every box had been sold. A few of the other items were sold out but most were there.

I was astonished by my wife’s dexterity and skill. She actually pushed the cart with her forearms rather than hands. In her left hand was a filling system between her fingers. I am not sure of the specifics, but it appeared that all coupons started between the thumb and forefinger. When items were found they were moved between the ring finger and pinky. If an item was sold out she would move the coupon back to the binder.

In a few short minutes she had all of her items. She confirmed that she had the correct items and coupons. As we headed for the register, she bounced the coupons in her hand like she was weighing them. Could she really tell if they were all there by sheer feel? This was no ordinary couponer. She was a coupon ninja!

As we hit the registers she quickly looked for the cashiers she knew. Clarence was there at register 5. A new register opened but Su knew to stay where she was. The lady in front of us finished her transaction (about 20 items for $55). As Clarence handed the lady her receipt he said, “You saved $1.29.” A buck twenty-nine. Good thing the lady didn’t stick around to see my wife’s slam dunk!

Clarence and Su said hello to each other, made small talk, and joked. As Clarence was handed the stack of coupons, he was reminded to scan them slowly, so Su could make sure each was rung. At the end, Su’s receipt was handed to her, “You save $59.40.” What? $59.40? How much did we spend? $19.23 was the answer. And that was with my milk, and spinach. My wife had save about 75%.

My smile was big and my head was held high as we walked to the car. I was so proud of my coupon ninja.

Su here: So any of your husband's want to share their experience with their coupon ninja?? What does your hubby think of all this couponing?


  1. My wife went to one of your classes about 2 months ago and at first i thought she was out of here mind with the binders and the hours of cutting etc. I have completely changed my tune though. Watching her in action is pretty amazing. She has a system down and knows what she wants. Now I just want to know why she didn't start this sooner. Also when she comes home and lays out everything she bought and we play the guess how much this all cost me game, I can see the pride she has in her eyes. I tell everyone now about it and encourage everyone to try. I am very proud of my coupon Ninja :)


  2. I text my hubby as I am leaving the store each week to brag a little on what I have saved that week. It's really fun that he gets as excited as I do

  3. LOVE this post! Rob is so awesome. Personally I refer to you as the Coupon Diva, Su.

  4. That is SO sweet! You could also add to your credentials that your coupon classes help save marriages! -JD


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