Wednesday, May 19, 2010

What % did you Save???

Did you go to Super Doubles at HT today?

Did you get free Snyder's Pretzels?

Did you make money on those McCormick spices?

Did you get Capri Suns for 75 cents a box!!

Did you get 2 things of that Yakisoba Noodles for free which would be so great to donate to the Food Pantry or Backpack Buddies?

Tell me how you did!! Do you have pictures to share?

I spent $8.95 and saved $44.76 so a savings of 84%!!

To figure out your savings you would:

1. Add what you spent with what you saved which is the coupons tendered # only.

So I would get 8.95 + 44.76 = 53.71. So you see, I got $53.71 worth of groceries for $8.95!!!

2. Then you take the amount you spent and divide it by that # you just got in Step 1.

So I would do 8.95 Divided By 53.71 = .16 so move the decimal 2 places to the right

3. Then you subtract the # you got in Step 2 and you see the percentage you saved.

So I would do 100-16= 84

Or a much simpler way, is to plug all your #s into this spreadsheet and it will calculate the total % for you as well as other totals


  1. I just took your last class and went to HT today and got a savings of 86%!!!

    Thanks so much for the help and info!!!

  2. I paid $10.07 and saved $48.64 and I received a $1.50 voucher off of anything in Harris Teeter for my next shopping trip.

  3. First shop: 93%!!!
    Second shop: 87%!!!


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