Thursday, June 3, 2010

Get 2 Free Paint Samples

Glidden Paint, the paint found at Home Depot, is giving away 2 free testers of their paint. You choose the colors. Each tester covers 3 square feet (anyone have a back of a bookshelf they want to paint??).

Check it out here. Glidden is gonna mail you the sample bottles!!

You choose 2 testers and then you give them the name and email of a friend so they can choose 2. Their promo is get 2 colors, give 2 colors away.

The offer is good until June 7 or until supplies run out, whichever happens first.

So let me tell you what I did so you do not waste your time. . .because I know what you are thinking. I ordered my 2 testers with my name and my email. I then plugged in my husband as "my friend" and I put in my coupon junk mail email. But when I went to cash in on "his" 2 free paints; the computer popped up a message saying I already had ordered my 2 free testers. So they must be keeping tract of your computers. . not the email addresses.

But 2 free testers is a wonderful treat for this gal who loves to create and loves color!! 4 would have just been a double treat!!

Sidenote: I'll trade coupons for these testers or even whole coupon inserts or perhaps you'd like a couple tubes of toothpaste or some pasta or Frank's Hot Sauce (smile,wink). Pick creams and tans if you are gonna trade them to me for coupons/inserts. I also like the apple green colors and the cranberry watermelon red colors. Black is good too. I can use this paint to make my In This Home paintings. Oh how I would love a little shelf of all these paint samples lined up. . .it would just make me smile everytime I looked at it.

Edited to add: I just read the official rules. It is 2 sample bottles per household.


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