Monday, June 14, 2010

What is a good price for ___? Price Lists to Print Out!

Target Price Shopping is the key to saving money. I am not talking Target, the store. I am talking knowing what a stock up price is for the items you buy.

Target Price Shopping is knowing the lowest price for items you buy and wh
en an item is at your "target price", you stock up.

Sales run in cycles so this target price usually does not come again until 6-8 weeks. So Target Price Shoppers would get enough items at this low price to get them through until the next time they see this price.
This is called Stockpiling.

Stockpiling allows you to always be eating food/using health and beauty items that were purchased at the lowest price. This means you will rarely run out of an item and thus you will rarely have to purchase an item at full price.

Target Price Shopping and Stockpiling are key to lowering your grocery bill.

For example, fresh boneless, skinless chicken breasts go on sale for $1.99/lb often. The regular price is $4.99-$5.29/lb. Big difference. So I just wait until it goes on sale at $1.99 or lower and then stock up. Because I have a target price list, I know that when this chicken goes on sale for $2.99, I should wait and not buy because my target price or stock up price is $1.99 or lower.

Am I making sense? If this is hard for you to follow, I recommend you take my couponing class and/or my meal planning class.

If you are following, then you will want to check out these Target Price Lists. . these Stock Up Price Lists. . these What is a good price for _____ Lists. Oh what a resource!!!

from Time2Save

from Southern Savers

from Pinching Your Pennies (make sure you click on the link to be taken to the list, but also scroll down for more info such as the best price for produce).

and supposedly there is an APP for the IPHONE called Price Sense. Does anyone have this? Does anyone know anything about this? Please shoot me an email or leave a comment if so.

I would print out the following lists and keep them in your coupon binder or meal planning binder. .eventually you will have these prices in your head; these "lowest prices", these "target prices" will soon become like your Social Security #. . you'll be rattling them off in no time.

Oh I hope this post and the links help you spend even less at the grocery store so you can ____ more and give more!!


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