Thursday, July 1, 2010

Heads Up: GOOD Coupons at North Hills Harris Teeter

Harris Teeter at North Hills put out a new set of coupons for this month.

There are 4 coupons, 1 for each week of July

Each coupon is for $10 off $40 purchase.

The first coupon is good now until Tues, July 6. And then you have July 7-13, then July 14-20, and July 21-27.

If you did not receive this in the mail, you can ask for them at the customer service desk.

And although these coupons can only be obtained thru the mail or at North Hills Harris Teeter Customer Service Desk, they can be used at any Harris Teeter.

And if you are going to stop in the North Hills HT to pick up these coupons, look for these 2 coupons:

1. on the Ruffles potato chip display near the bread, there is a coupon for buy 2 bags of Ruffles potato chips, get a free bag of Rold Gold pretzels for free. Ruffles potato chips are on sale BOGO. . so get 2 bags for $3.99 and a free bag of pretzels with that!! So each bag of munchies is only $1.33 with that coupon. The coupons are on a tear pad right on that display.

2. Also look for the tear pad of Miller Lite coupons that is NOT for beer but for the "Summer Essentials" of ice, bottled water, fresh seafood, charcoal, and grilling utensils. This tear pad is found on a stack of Miller beer that is on the endcap of the chip aisle, the endcap that faces the cheese. So the details are: if you send in this coupon and receipts with $30 of "summer essentials" circled, Miller Lite will send you $10 to put in your bank account. And just like I teach in my Couponing 101 class, you do not have to buy the beer to take or redeem this coupon/rebate.

These summer essentials must be purchased between May 1 and July 31. Oh, this is why I keep a shoebox full of my grocery store and drugstore receipts. . .so I can cash in on these rebates that come up!!

Total sidenote, but speaking of rebates, did you see this one I posted about last week for the Schick Hydro razor that has been a major deal lately?


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