Monday, July 26, 2010

Is Your Freezer Full?

Are you using your freezer to its full capacity? Is your freezer stuffed full?

Not only do you want your freezer stuffed full so you can save time, money, and sanity when it comes to shopping and preparing meals, but you want your freezer stuffed full so it is energy efficient.

Keeping your freezer at least 75% full can lower your utility bill.

Here's why: Every time you open the freezer door, warm air enters the freezer and the freezer then has to work to cool the air inside all over gain.

If your freezer is near empty, there is a lot of room for warm air to fill. However if you freezer is full, there is less space for warm air to fill and therefore less air that the freezer has to cool down. So a full freezer saves you electricity.

Need help filling your freezer? Perhaps you want to plan on coming to one of my Meal Planning and Freezer Cooking classes. I open my freezer (the regular one, the one attached to my refridge) to ya'll and show you whats inside. Click here for details on that class and also to see what others are saying about the class.

Until you can get your freezer well stocked with food, you may want to fill empty gallon milk jugs with water (not all the way full, give the water a little room to expand) and put them in your freezer to take up space.

Here's to taking our thrifty ways at the grocery store and applying them to other areas of our home and life.


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