Friday, August 27, 2010

Great Rite Aid Deals This Week (thru Sat 8/28)

I have yet to get to Rite Aid this week and I really want to go because there are some awesome deals going on this week. . good til Sat, 5/28.

I have been getting emails of gals sharing the awesome deals they have been getting on diapers and toilet paper. Have you been to Rite Aid this week?

One past student emailed me this:

Today I took advantage of Rite Aid UPS for the first time. Here's what I did -

Large pack of Zantac priced at $19.00

minus the in-ad coupon of -5.00
minus the manufac. Q of -2.00.

That got the
price down to $12.00. And I got back $1 in UPS - just like CVS's ECB's! I know that you can get it cheaper, but I needed the Zantac (and I felt proud to be taking advantage of all possible discounts).

Then, I did this:

Huggies on sale for $9

minus R.A. Q -2
minus MF Q -1.50
minus UPS from above -1

That brings price down to $4.50 a pack
And I got back $2 in UPS for next week. The best thing about UPS? There doesn't seem to be a limit on them, like with ECB's. You can usually only get the ECB reward 1 time....I've already done the UPS on the diapers twice and I can't find anything saying that there is a limit. You do have to have a Rite Aid Wellness card, which they give you free, just like everywhere else.

Now I am super proud of this gal!! But let me show you one more thing. Rite Aid almost always has a $5 off $25 coupon out that you can print out from here. So if this gal has bought the Zantac and the diapers in one transaction, she would have gotten a total of $28. She then could have used the $5 off $25 coupon plus all the ones she listed: $5 Zantac Rite Aid in-ad q, $2 Zantac manufacturer q, $2 Rite Aid diapers coupon, $1.50 manuf. coupon and brought the total down to $12. 50. See the way she did it above, she spent 16.50 so doing it this way saved her another $4 AND she would get back $3 in UPS for next week.

I do have a drugstore class coming up on Tues, Sept 28 where I teach in depth on Rite Aid, CVS, and Walgreens. Details about this class will be up next week.

This is the toilet paper deal I want to go get:

Cotttonelle 12 packs of Toilet Paper are on sale for $6.49. If you buy 4 packs, your total will be $25.96.

You then use the $5 off $25 coupon, the $1 Rite Aid coupon from here, and 4 of the 50 cents coupon from 8/15 SS (some gals have emailed saying they had $1 coupons, so look).

All those coupons bring your total down to $17.46

But then you get back $5 SCR for buying $25 of Kimberly Clarke products and you get back $5 SCR when you buy $25 in Box Tops For Education Products so that is like paying $7.46 for 48 rolls!!!! Amazingly good deal!! I hope my Rite Aid has 4 12 packs left!!

And 3 non Rite Aid thing I wanted to remind you of:

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