Friday, August 13, 2010

Readers' Super Doubles Shops!!

MC emailed me letting me know she hit Super Doubles at Harris Teeter on her way back from Wet and Wild yesterday. She said traffic was terrible and she decided since she had the coupons in the car to google a nearby HT. (Yes! Always keep your binder in the car, that way you always have them with you in case you run into a store!)

They went to a nice HT in Chapel Hill. She made me laugh when she said that "of course with tired kids I had to bribe them with M&Ms to allow me to run all over the store, but they were BOGO so it wasn't so bad. And my kids thought they had hit the mother load when I told them to grab the yogurt. I usually buy organic but I like to switch it up now and then."

MC paid $16.04 for all the above. She saved $40.44, a savings of 72%!!

She did note that she was out of certain items like Diet Coke and Italian dressing for freezer cooking her chicken

MC says that was not the price point (aka target price) she wanted for the Italian dressing or Diet Coke, but oh well. She was happy with her purchase. She has done better and she's done much worse. She says her main goal is to save more than she spends.
so she had to stock up. (just a FYI: Lowes Foods has boneless, skinless chicken breasts on sale this week for $1.99).

And then JM emailed me and shared that she got all the below for $15.74 and saved $34.60, which is 69% savings! She got 20 items for $15.74 equals which equals .78 per item!!

JM said she's been at couponing for 1 year now! She's
spent a lot more this summer than she should have, partly because she got off track with her meal planning and largely because she can no longer eat gluten.

But now that she is comfortable with her diet changes and the recipes she is fixing, and now that she has gotten back into meal planning, she says her bills should go back down.

She says, "we eat a lot more fruits and veggies now, for which there are no coupons (usually) so our bill will be higher than my $100/week goal, but I'm still committed to getting cleaning supplies free, toothpaste, toothbrushes, deodorant, and often regular staples for free."

Sidenote: JM also just emailed me letting me know she tried the Crockpot Chicken Fajitas recipe that is on my blog and they loved it! Click here for that recipe; it freezes well too!

How did you do at Super Doubles? I am gonna try and get another shop in today. I'll let you know if I do. Did you see my post about my Super Doubles shop?

Ok. . stay tuned. I will be posting again today about those wine tags I want to share with one of you! Anna and I got wrapped up emailing our family and friends and asking them to vote for her in the TJ Maxx contest (there is still time to vote and Anna would be thrilled if you did so; click on those colored words TJ Maxx and you will see all the details). Anyway, that is why I did not post yesterday about the wine tags like I mentioned. But I will today!! You'll have all weekend to enter for the chance to win them!


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