Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Stockpiling Groceries

I highly recommend clicking here and reading the post Stockpiling Groceries 101 by Jen over at the blog Balancing Beauty and Bedlam.

Jen's blog was one of the first blogs I stumbled upon when I was first learning how to cut my grocery bill in half. I will have to write a blog post telling you that whole story. . how I got into couponing and how this way of grocery shopping, this way of being intentional has seeped into other areas of my life. But that is another day. . .

In this blog post, Jen states that most households only have a 3 day supply of food. But the smart shopper, the thrifty shopper, the intentional shopper, the shopper who has cut the grocery budget by 50% is not like most households; this shopper stockpiles. Jen shares what stockpiling is and how it saves her hundreds of dollars a month.

Jen also mentions the Kellogg's Catalina going on right now and tells you what she did and even has a picture of her shop. She also answers the question, "Are coupons really worth it?"

Even if you are a seasoned couponer, I still recommend reading her blog post. It will encourage you and remind you that yes, it is worth the time you spend on couponing each week.

And if Jen's Stockpiling Groceries 101 post, leaves you wanting more. Wanting to get really good at stockpiling, wanting to learn what the rock bottom price is for a certain item, wanting to learn how to get dinner on the table quicker, easier, and with less stress, then you will want to come to my Meal Planning and Freezer Cooking class on Tues, Aug 31. All details on that class can be found here. As of now, I have 5 spots left.

One more time, click here for Jen's Stockpiling Groceries 101 post.

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  1. I am so thrilled that in a small way, I have been able to walk with you on this journey. Thanks for the sweet mention. :)


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