Thursday, August 12, 2010

Will you do me a favor???

Will ya'll do me a favor?

Jenny at Southern Savers had this contest where she asked everyone to send in pictures of the awesome deals they scored at TJ Maxx. Anna (my 13 yr old) and I entered because we really do shop at TJ Maxx for her back to school clothes. So now over at Southern Savers it is time to vote for your favorite shopper and deal. Will you go vote for Anna and me?? Anna would be thrilled if we won!

Will you go here and scroll down to the bottom of the post and enter Su S. in the box where it says Enter Name of Shopper and then enter your email address in the box under that?

(I am sure Jenny at Southern Savers is just using your email address to make sure people do not vote multiple times. . but even if she is using it to send us an email every now and then. . that is ok cause Southern Savers is one of our favorite coupon blogs, eh?!)

This is the email I sent Jenny at Southern Savers describing Anna's and my shop:

Hi Jenny-

When I saw your contest to win a gift card to TJ Maxx, I knew my daughter (and I) had to enter. Since my daughter hit middle school, we go back to school shopping at TJ Maxx (really)!!

My 13 year old loves TJ Maxx "because they have name brand clothes that are in style and just as good as the department stores" (her words).

I love TJ Maxx because the clothes are so much less expensive and I feel like I am getting a good deal for our money. I mean really they are not that much more that Target. Plus I always enjoy browsing thru the home good section. The decor is fresh, current, and reasonably priced. So when my daughter asks to go back to school shopping at TJ Maxx, I do not mind one bit.

Attached are pictures of my 13 year old. . .we had fun playing model :)

in her Paris Blues skinny jeans that cost $17

her pink and black Converse sneakers that cost $24 and they normally cost $45

and her gray Ginger jacket that cost $15 instead of $30

all put together with a t-shirt and cami she had in her closet

so total cost of outfit was "only $11 more than a regular priced pair of Converses" (those are my daughter' words). Oh I love that my daughter sees that she can get one pair of shoes at the department store or she can get one pair of shoes, jeans, and a cute jacket for about the same price!!

Ok. . I sound like a commercial for TJ Maxx. . .but I love that my daughter is learning savvy, thrifty ways at such an early age.

Please enter us in the contest and let us know how to get our friends to vote.

Thanks for the opportunity-
Su Soutter

Anna is the 11th picture in the slide show. There are some awesome deals and finds pictured. . .but I think Anna is the cutest, don't you?? Will you go here and vote for Su S. All votes need to be in by tomorrow morning. . so will you go now and vote. . .I'd love to surprise Anna with a big shopping spree before 8th grade starts!

Thanks for letting me share and loving up on Anna and me-


  1. Absolutely I will help you out! As much money as you have helped my family save, this is the smallest thing that I can do for you!
    And I hate shopping at stores like this, mostly because I can't handle the disorganization and I'm not good at rummaging through piles of clothes to find a deal on something I like, but the slideshow has inspired me! Perhaps I'll brave the depths of TJ Maxx again sometime soon :)

  2. I totally voted for you and Anna - who wouldn't?

  3. done! what a CUTE young woman! :)

  4. ok, just voted and wow - it makes me want to go there - looking at all the cute clothes/shoes and deals! Ha, ha.

  5. I voted. I sure do hope she wins. And what a cute model she is! Totally gorgeous!



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