Thursday, September 30, 2010

Be Intentional About This: Packing {Life} into Your Life

My friend Laura Catherine is a life coach. I told you all about my and Laura Catherine's friendship here. I also told you what specifically a life coach is and isn't in that post. Go check it out if you missed it.
I enjoy reading Laura Catherine's blog; it is full of so many nuggets of truth and wisdom. And at the end of every blog post, she lists these questions that make you really stop and think. These questions are my favorite part of her blog; they help me evaluate and be intentional with my life. . .there is "my word".
I wanted to share from Laura Catherine's blog post on the rules of saying “yes” and “no”. The below are her words taken from here. Soak it in and ponder those questions at the end.
Much of the time when we say “no”, we are actually providing space to say “yes” to something else. Yet, when we say “yes”, we are really saying “no” to other things. How strange and yet how true.
We area all like suitcases, we only have so much space. Each time we decide to put something into our lives, we have filled up our “life” space a little more...providing less room for other items to fit. That’s all well and good, as long as what we are putting in is life-giving and a good fit.
Now, there are some of you who are thinking, “Yeah, but what about stuff you have to do, even if it’s not life-giving?” You’re right, we all have a few items like that in our suitcases. So, it’s even more important to fill the remaining space with life-giving items to help us stay balanced.
So, how do you go about doing this? Consider the things you are involved in. Do a “suitcase dump” on a sheet of paper, and take a look at what’s in your life. What do you have to do....I mean really HAVE to do? What items are in there that you just keep doing just may feel they are good things to do and you ought to do them, you may feel like a wimp admitting you don’t enjoy something you’ve done for a long time, you may feel like your cousin’s, friend’s sister would have hurt feelings if you get the idea. Then, consider what kinds of items you would like to add that you currently don’t have room for...could be fun, time off, time alone, a trip here and there, time with God, etc.
Getting our values thought through often makes a huge difference. It’s a lot easier to take things out when we see the better and more life-giving things we are replacing those items with. Remember transitioning into a newly packed life takes don’t beat yourself up. Enjoy the process and the new life you find in the transition.
How’s your life’s suitcase feel?
What areas are you feeling need a “no” provide room for something better?
What would be the biggest help to you as you make this ensure it’s a success?
And if these thoughts make your heart sing, you may want to consider signing up for one of Laura Catherine's life coaching sessions. This could so help you as your sort through your values and make room for maximum life!
Laura Catherine has so generously offered me a deal to pass on to you. For The Intentional Home readers only, a session is only $25. This deal is good for the entire month of October. And you can get as many sessions as you want for only $25 each. These sessions usually run $85! (I told Laura Catherine that we liked major deals!) If interested, you can check out Laura Catherine's website here or contact her at 919-218-2989 or bridgelifecoaching{at}gmail{dot}com.


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