Monday, September 20, 2010

Heads Up: Coupon Booklet at HT and I have some to share!!

At my Harris Teeter. . in front of the milk section. . .there was this 4-sided cardboard kiosk of booklets called Better at Home: Eat At Home For Less. Inside were recipes, tips, and COUPONS.

AND the coupons match up beautifully with the General Mills instant $6 off deal going on right now AND the Ol El Paso catalina going on right now AND the Hamburger Helper catalina going on right now.

Check it out:

Buy 9 Old El Paso tortillas which are on sale for 4 for $5. Use 3 of $1 off 3 coupons which are in that booklet. So your total for 9 packs of tortillas is $11.25 minus 3 of the $1 coupons which double = 5.25. But because you bought 6 or more packages of Old El Paso taco shells, dinner kits, seasoning, refried beans, or heat and serve side dishes, you got a $3 catalina good on your next meat purchase.

Then buy 9 Hamburger Helper boxes. These are on sale for $1. Use 3 of the $1 off 3 coupons in this booklet which double because of Super Doubles and that brings the price down to $3. And then because you bought at least 5 boxes of Hamburger Helper, you get a $3 catalina for off any meat purchase.

And for those of you who have not eaten Hamburger Helper in forever and do not care to. . I have 3 thoughts for you:

1. Donate it!!
2. Only use the noodles in these boxes and throw the rest away
3. I have a great lasagna recipe that uses the Hamburger Helper Lasagna box. . so pick 9 lasagna boxes up and I will post the recipe soon.

OK so that is 18 General Mill products you have bought: 9 Hamburger Helpers and 9 El Paso shells. You need to buy 2 more General Mill products to qualify for the instant $6 General Mill discount. So pick up some Green Giant frozen veggies or Betty Crocker frosting and cake mix (all on sale and all have coupons out for it). So let's say you bought 3 boxes of Green Giant veggies on sale for 99 cents each and used the 60 cents off 3 coupon that is out. That would bring the total for those 3 veggies down to 1.77

So you got 3 veggies for 1.77, 9 tortilla shells for 5.25, and 9 Hamburger Helpers for $3 which totals to $10.02, but since you bought 20 General Mills items you get $6 off at register so you get all this for only $4.02 AND you get $6 in catalinas.

So you just MADE MONEY buying those 21 items!!!!

Also in the booklet, is a coupon for $1 off Cinnamon Toast Crunch which would make the cereal only 69 cents this week at Harris Teeter because of Super Doubles (ends Tues 9/21).

There is also a coupon for $1 off any Pillsbury Refrigerated Simply Product. The chocolate chip cookies are on sale this week for $2.50 so use this coupon and get a pack for 50 cents. These cookies are located in the refrigerated dough case.

So look for these coupon booklets when you are in Harris Teeter and pick up 3. You need 3 of each coupon to do the deal above.

And if you live close by and would love 3 of these coupon booklets, shoot me an email. I picked up a few extra to share with ya'll. I can leave them on my front porch for you. You of course need to get today or tomorrow to take advantage of these deals. Super Doubles end midnite Tues, 9/21.


  1. i'd love some coupon books but don't know where you live. wanna shoot me an email? OR...did they have a bunch left? maybe they'd still be there??

  2. wow, what great deals! we dont use the hamburger helper stuff, but i could donate them to the church's food bank.

    my son just went down for a nap, but guess where we will go when he wakes up....


  3. Thank you for sharing. I know the food pantry will be stocked this time!


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