Sunday, September 19, 2010

She was PAID $4: Harris Teeter Super Doubles!!!

I just got this email from a past coupon student. She got PAID $4
to take all the above out of the store!!!

Shannon paid $5 out of pocket for $61 worth of groceries, but then at check out, 3 catalinas printed out,
good for a total of $9 off her next order and meat purchase! Grand total - $4 in her pocket!

She got:

  • 6 packs tortillas (Old El Paso deal - buy 6, get $3 off meat catalina)
  • 9 Green Giant frozen veggies (buy 8, get $3 off your next order catalina)
  • 6 Hamburger helper (buy 6, get $3 off meat catalina), which she is going to donate since they do not eat a lot of processed food
  • 2 Betty Crocker brownie mix
  • 2 Blue Diamond Almond milk
  • dozen Born Free brown eggs
  • cilantro
  • 3 bags Grande tortilla chips
  • 2 Shamrock chocolate milks

    Then General Mills ran a deal where you get $6 off your order instantly if you buy 20 participating items of which the Green Giant, Betty Crocker and Old El Paso were part of.

    Then, serendipitously, a friend told Shannon they were doing surveys in her HT yesterday and you could get a $10 gift card for participating. So Shannon did that. If she had not done that, she would have paid $15 out of pocket and got the $9 back so still a good deal, making the grand total only $6 for the above.

    Shannon says, "Had to share - made my day - best shop I have ever had and I have had some good ones!"

    Shannon's email made me smile too. Are you taking advantage of all the General Mills $6 off instantly deal AND the Green Giant, Ol El Paso, and Hamburger Helper catalinas that are running right now all in conjunction with the sales and super doubles at Harris Teeter. That is 4 ways to save right there!!! Combine them all for some great deals!!!
Sidenote: I noticed that the You Tube in my previous post titled No More Excuses: Risking for God did not come thru in email. If that ever happens again, for those of you who get my posts sent to your inbox. . what you would do is click on the blue title of the post and you will be taken to my actual blog where you can view the video. If you missed the video (it is only a minute), you can click here.

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  1. I got Harris Teeter to pay me $32! I went to super doubles the day before it started. When I went it was only a coincidence, that it was around dinner time and my toddler was acting up. When I went to pull out my coupons, the lady kindly reminded me that I was a day early (and this was a very HONEST mistake). Naturally, at a busy time, my toddler acts up and I have a cart full of groceries. Luckily, the store manager was around and we consulted with him our dilemma. Long story short, I explained that I was a day off, he acknowledged my child and dinner time, and he gave me a $10 off $40 coupon for the inconvenience. I got a bit bold and asked him if I returned the stuff tomorrow (on the Super Doubles Day) if I could still get credit, and he allowed it... just told me not to make a habit of it... So, I got $22 back in coupons plus the $10 from the manager. Needless to say, I found a store that we will be going to more often...


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