Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Upcoming Class Schedule & My Kids' Thoughts on these Classes

I am so excited that my Sept and Oct classes are scheduled!

Scheduling my classes/speaking engagements is a family affair around here and does not happen quickly. Does anything when you involve more than one opinion, and there's 6 of us :)?

Keep reading to see what my hubby and my kids say about my classes. But first my Sept/Oct schedule:

The class dates below in green still have openings. Click on the orange links for class details and registration.

Wed, Sept 15: Couponing 101 at my home from 7-9pm

Sat, Sept 25: Speaking at Raleigh International Church's Women's Conference, 10-1:30pm.

This conference is open to the public and I will post more about it later. But if you can't wait til that post, email me for more info on the conference topics and registration details.

Tues, Sept 28: Drugstore Class at my home from 7-9:15pm.

Fri, Oct 8: Couponing 101 at Worth Above Rubies' Heart & Home Event.

Mon, Oct 11: Meal Planning & Freezer Cooking Class at my home from 7-9:15pm

And as always, my upcoming classes are listed on the lefthand sidebar of my blog. If you are reading my posts via email, you would need to click on the blue title of the post to be taken to my actual blog. . .and there you can look at the lefthand sidebar.

So I always want to make sure that I am not just teaching and writing about running The Intentional Home, but actually managing and living in one too :)

So periodically, I ask this crew what their thoughts are about mom's classes and blog:

We have decided as a family that 3 classes a month is about all we can handle; especially if they are in our home. The kids do not mind the coupon class, but the meal planning and freezer cooking class they like less because we have to clean the rec room, craft room, and unfinished basement (cause I take ya'll on a tour of my stockpile).

The House to Home class - my kids strongly dislike because they have to clean the entire house (cause I take you on a tour of every room-even their rooms- for decor and organization ideas). Now my hubby likes the House to Home class best for the exact same reason: we have to clean the entire house.

Many of you have asked what my cleaning schedule is. I think I have just revealed it to you: have people over often :) It's a great motivator to do the things you need to do anyway. That's 1/2 my secret. I'll share the other 1/2 in a future post.

So the cleaning is what my kids dislike about my classes. . but when I asked what they liked about mom teaching classes, this is what they said:

Brooke, my nurturer likes that I get to help other women. David, my entrepreneur likes that mom makes a little extra money and currently all my class money goes towards the adoption of our son from Ethiopia. And Anna, who is wise beyond her years, understands that teaching classes brings me much joy and is, in part, what I was created to do. J-boy likes that Dad takes him to Chic-Fil-A and mom does not mind him interrupting for a quick hug goodnight. Their answers give you such a glimpse into who my kids are and what makes them click. . .makes me smile.

This post is getting a little long so this post will be continued. I want to tell you why it is so important to me to get my kids' and hubby's opinion on these classes. . also want to tell you how and why we intentionally try to choose areas that we can work/serve/volunteer together as a family. . .and how my kids feel like these classes are what they do too :)

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