Thursday, September 2, 2010

Want to Win Some Wine Tag & Tear Pad Love?

I am telling you. . always take a quick walk thru the alcohol aisle of your stores. . .even when you just make a quick trip in to pick up one item (that sentence sounds funny, eh?) But really, you never know when you will happen upon some tear pads and wine tags. . .like I did this weekend when we took a quick trip up to Food Lion for some ice cream.

I found:

$1 off total grocery purchase wine tag (minimum $5 purchase required, expires 10/31)

$1 off any sushi (minimum $2 purchase required, expires 10/31)


$7.50 off any Meat Purchase of $15 or more. You have to buy at least $15 of meat between Aug 4 and Sept 7 (this is why I save all my receipts). You can send in multiple receipts with the meat purchases circled and this tear pad from Miller Lite and they will send you $7.50 check to put in the bank. Your envelope needs to be postmarked by 9/21.

And remember with wine tags and tear pads, no wine or beer purchase is necessary.

So I have 2 sets of the above to share. I will mail 2 lucky commenters the 2 wine tags and the $7.50 tear pad.

To enter:
Just leave me a comment telling me. . I know this is so not related. . .but my mind has been pondering housekeeping routines and decluttering. . . .so leave me a comment letting me know you housekeeping routine, or one of your decluttering strategies, or a link to a good read about this topic, or just one struggle you have with housekeeping or decluttering (so I know I am not alone. . lol).

I'll print them all out and stick them in a bag, and let Jonathan draw 2.

You have until Saturday, 9/4 midnight to enter (remember you'll need $15 of meat receipts dated between 8/4 and 9/7 but perhaps this will be easy with all the Labor Day Sales this week and then the tear pad rebate does not need to be postmarked until 9/21).

So leave me a housekeeping/decluttering comment by this Sat midnite to win some wine tag and tear pad love.


  1. Housekeeping and decluttering website I love is

    -Sandra Miller

  2. I am posting about the FlyLady also. I guess everyone loves her. Three of the FlyLady's habits I have quickly adopted is (1) reboot laundry and unload the dishwasher when you get up, (2) lay out the kids clothes and other things for the following day before going to bed, and (3) set a timer for 15 minutes and tackle a hotspot. These things have reduced stress and clutter in my house.
    - Casey Slock

  3. I do not have enough storage in my 1100 sq foot house, so there are things with “no home”. Lots ends up on the kitchen table or just lying around. It gets overwhelming!

    I am working on a plan myself, but am no where near perfecting it. The pool closes Monday, so I won’t have any more excuses as to why my house is a mess!

    Elaine B.

  4. Yes! My nemesis is our kitchen island - it holds lots of mail, art projects, coupons, To Do lists (which of course, get lost in the mess so I can't find the list that says "Clean off Island"), and right now, all my son's leftover birthday party craft supplies and the pinata which somehow opened with just one string pull and i am frugally wondering if can be re-used next year :)
    I bought a pretty box and will throw everything in that when I need the island emptied. Problem is, the next day, I have to empty the box to find whatever piece of paper I am looking for and it starts all over!
    Shannon Eddleman

  5. I would love to win a wine tag.

    This may sound selfish, but to have some time to declutter my house I sent my husband and 2 young children to his parents for 4 days. I was not able to accomplish everything, but I made a lot of progress. A friend of mine is sending her husband and 3 children camping for the weekend. You are not alone - keeping clutter at bay is a challenge.

    Beth Draminski

  6. I am an type A and LOVE to organize the house. I'm not as good at the 'de cluttering' when it comes to the kids stuff b/c i'm always afraid they'll really want THAT toy that i get rid of!

  7. Good luck Su! I've been de-cluttering the house for almost an entire year now. We have very little storage here and I've had to get creative. Plus, since we've moved so often, we just tended to take everything with us. That stopped this year! I have been finding a home for everything. And if it doesn't get a home, then it goes into the craigslist/goodwill pile. My type A/OCD self just couldn't take the clutter anymore and have finally decided to do something about it. But with the kids "helping" me, it has taken longer than I thought it would. Good luck with your de-cluttering! Kathy Coggins


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