Thursday, October 28, 2010

Does Anyone Ever Win a Giveaway?

I messed up with the CSN giveaway. . you have until NEXT Wed 11/3 midnite to enter and I will announce the winner on Thurs 11/4. I am a week off. Oh me!! and speaking of next Wed, 11/3, that is the day that Super Doubles at Harris Teeter starts. Yes, it is confirmed.

But back to my giveaway: click here and enter to win a $40 gift card from CSN stores!!

I do think I have some real life friends who read my blog, why are ya'll not entering??? I use to choose a winner so even my real life friends could win. . .the computer picks the winner.

Really. . real people do win these blog giveaways. I have won:

a $25 gift card to TJ Maxx from The Nester


this cute sign from Life at Eventually Cottage. Dawn from Life at Eventually Cottage, who also has an etsy shop, did a giveaway over at Poppies at Play and I won!

And since my blog is small, your odds of winning my giveaways are greater!!! So click here and win yourself a $40 gift card. . .get started on your Christmas shopping early.


  1. Su,

    you amaze me. I never win anything, never have. I always hope that one day I will!!! I would love to enter your contest!

  2. I didn't enter because I won the last one :). That sign is so neat! I am still hoping a Sillouette (sp?) will magically fall in my lap someday...

  3. Valerie-

    if you win a Silhouette. . I am inviting you over and we are going to stay up all night crafting!!! I really want one too.


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