Thursday, October 7, 2010

Food Lion Coupon Kiosks

I ran into my Food Lion this past weekend to grab some ice cream for J's bday party and noticed that they now have a COUPON KIOSK. I shop the Food Lion at Millbrook and Six Forks. I had posted about Food Lion's coupon kiosks before here, but this is the first time I saw one in real life.

I thought I'd share what I discovered:

You swipe your MVP card under the card reader at the kiosk. The kiosk then searches thru your past purchases and prints out coupons based on those purchases.

And since the last time I was in Food Lion, I bought ice cream, I got a coupon for ice cream! Which was great because I was in there again to buy ice cream!! I saved an extra $1.50 I wasn't expecting to save!!

A whole page of perforated coupons that are easy to rip prints out. Some of the coupons are for Food Lion products. These are store coupons and have the Food Lion logo on them. And some are for name brand items. Most of the coupons are good only for that day, but 2 were good until the following week.

The coupons for name brand items were Point of Sale coupons which look like manufacturer coupons. The retailer (Food Lion) sends the coupon to the manufacturer for reimbursement, so even though they do not say Manufacturer Coupon, I think they are. And since these coupons start with a 9, I assume they will double at stores that double. I have not yet tried to use these Food Lion kiosk coupons anywhere else. Have any of you?

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  1. I have successfully used a FL kiosk coupon at Kroger. If I remember correctly, that one said "Manufacturer Coupon" on it.
    It does not seem like the kiosk at my store is searching past purchases to determine which coupons to print. Usually there are a few pages of coupons left behind at the kiosk. All the pages are the same, and the kiosk prints out the same ones for me.


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