Thursday, October 7, 2010

Getting Paid to Shop at Rite Aid!!

My sister went to Rite Aid this week and was paid $2.67 to take the following our of the store:

2 things of Wet Ones
2 things of Clorox Wipes
Crest toothpaste
Nivea lip gloss
8pk of Viva paper towels

Now she did have to pay $6.02 out of pocket. But she got back $8.6
9 in UPS! So she made $2.67. She will use these UPS next week at Rite Aid.

If you would like to up your game at Rite Aid, you may want to consider coming to my Drugstore Game class. I teach this class once a year and this year it is being held on Tues, Oct 19th. I go in depth on shopping at Rite Aid, CVS, and Walgreens. I give you all the ins and outs, the secrets that would be too overwhelming to share in the Couponing 101 class. I think even if you already shop these stores with success, you will learn something new from this class. Click here for all the details about my Drugstore Class and the registration.


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