Friday, October 8, 2010

Good Read on Slicing Your Food Bill

In Wednesday's paper there was an article by Andrea Weigl titled "Slice Your Food Bill". Did you see it? If not-because you are like me and only get the Sunday paper for the coupons-you can go here and read it. This gal began to focus on never paying full price again at the grocery store and combined that with some meal planning, and she was able to pay off $14,000 in credit card debt in 15 months!! I am telling you, you can do that too!!

Now if you have taken my couponing and meal planning & freezer cooking classes, most of what is in the article will just be a review and a sweet reminder of why you spend those couple of hours a week couponing and meal planning.

But there were a few points I did learn and thought I'd share with you.

Under the section, "Tips for the Frugal Shopper and Cook", Andrea Weigl mentions: do not throw away overripe bananas. Instead freeze them and use them in banana bread. The texture of the banana is mushier, but the banana bread turns out fine.

I was pleased that if you have taken both my coupon class and meal planning/freezer cooking class, I have taught you everything under the section "Tips from the Experts" except one thing:

You can find hidden organic coupons. Almost every major manufacturer has organics in its line. A coupon for Ragu spaghetti sauce can be used for the organic product. Pay attention to the coupon's language.

And the lines from the article that I want to highlight for you are:

For you newbies:

"These days, I'm more relaxed about bargain shopping. That comes from having 9 shampoos, 7 laundry detergents, and 5 jars of spaghetti sauce in the cupboard. I don't have to take advantage of every deal because I have enough to wait for the next one." YES!!! You can take a week or 2 off once you have a good stockpile built.

And for all of us:

"I have found the key to balancing frugality and indulgence in the kitchen. Now I work hard to save money at the grocery store so I can afford the occasional foodie. . . , we can afford to be spontaneous." YES!! These thrifty ways are not about being cheap. . they are about being smarter. . and they bring freedom.

If you get a few minutes, I recommend reading the article. Click here to read it.

And if the article inspires you to come to a class: my next Meal Planning and Freezer Cooking Class is Monday, Oct. 11. Here are the details.

And my next Coupon Class is Thurs, Nov 4. Click here for those details.

And if you want to take your saving up a notch higher or even 2 notches higher, I recommend the Drugstore Game class. Click here for details about that.

These are the last 3 classes of the 2010 year.


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