Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Got Paid AGAIN to Shop Rite Aid!

Went to Rite Aid today and was paid $5.53 to take all the below out of the store!!

I bought:

3 Gain Dish Detergent for 89 cents each and used 2 $1 off coupons from 10/10 PG. You see if I had bought only 2, the coupons would have beeped since the coupons would be worth more than the Gain. 2 Gains only equals 1.78 and the coupons equal $2. So I bought 3 to equal $2.67 and used 2 coupons. So I paid 67 cents for 3 Gains. .or 22 cents a piece.

2 Purex (Have you tried this stuff yet? I have not) that were on sale BOGO. So 7.99 for 2 and since I was buying 2, I used 2 $3 coupons from 10/10 RP.

2 Lysol wipes that were on sale BOGO. So 3.49 for 2. And I used $1 off 2 coupon from 9/198 SS and $1 off Rite Aid coupon that I printed out from watching videos. So that means I really got 2 for 1.49.

And I got all the below which I will get the full price back when I submit my receipt here for a Single Check Rebate:

Blistex 1.49
Kids-Eeze Chewables 4.99
Sucrets 2.99
Palmers Lip Balm 1.99

And I also bought five 12 cents items (those cute staplers for stocking stuffers) to ensure I went over the $25 mark so I could use my $5 off $25 Rite Aid coupon. . .which these are the key to shopping Rite Aid. Do not shop Rite Aid without these coupons.

On top of the coupons mentioned above, I paid with $5 UPS from last week and paid $8.93 out of pocket real money BUT I got back $3 in UPS to use next week and I will get $11.46 real money back is SCR. So I really made $5.53 this trip.

Really this happens every week. . if this isn't happening to you, you may want to consider taking my Drugstore Game class on Tues, Oct 19th. I teach this class once a year. Click here for details.


  1. You bring up a frequent question of mine...when an item is BOGO, can I use a save x amount when you purchase 2 coupon and have it count?

  2. Erin-

    YES! When items are BOGO, they are the best time to use the $X/2 coupons!! Yes. . just like I did with the Lysol Wipes above. But you also know that when items are BOGO you can use 2 regular coupons since you are getting 2. Hope that helps!!

  3. I went to RA today and got:

    1. Pediasure Cold Med
    2. Blistex
    3. 3 Gain detergent soaps
    4. Dial Body Wash
    5. Kids crest toothpaste
    6. 4 bags of Halloween Candy

    Total...ready....47 cents!!! And, I get $5.50 in rebates and $3 UPS.


  4. Fyi, I used those 4 of those $1 off Gain coupons for 4 bottles of Gain, and it did not beep and did in fact give me the overage. Since they suggested using the manufacturer coupons to get the dish soap free in the actual printed Rite Aid ad, seems like if they did beep, they would have to adjust the coupon down to match the price of the item...meaning you could use a coupon for every bottle to get all for free :)

  5. Anonymous-

    Thanks!! for telling me that!! Some stores give overage. . and some do not and it beeps. THis is good to know. . .will do that next time at Rite Aid and get it all for FREE!!!!


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