Friday, October 22, 2010

Harris Teeeter Deals & a personal note about Liquid Gold

Had to run to the post office and since Harris Teeter was right next door, I ran in and got the following. These deals will be good til Tues 10/26 if you want to go get them.

And speaking of HT, I read in blogland that there just might be super doubles the week of 11/3. I will let you know when and if it is confirmed.

But check out what I got and read to the end about life-saving Liquid Gold aka baby formula.

Tabsaco Sauce was on sale for .99 and I used .50 coupon from 9/19 to get it for FREE

Wolfgang Chicken Stock was on sale for 1.50 and I used .50 coupon from 10/3 SS to get it for 50 cents

Krusteaz Cinnamon Muffin Mix was on sale for 1.50 and I used the .50 coupon from 10/17 SS to get a box for 50 cents. . .and I have been home all of 5 minutes and my David is already cooking up 2 boxes. I am telling you my boy knows the advantages of freezer cooking. That and he likes to eat good food. Did you see the post here about his breakfast burritos?

Silk Almond Milk is on e-vic special BOGO. They are on sale for 2.99, so I got 2 for 2.99 and then used the $2/2 coupon that came out recently, so I got 2 milks for .99 or 50 cents each. . .that is a deal!!! This stuff is usually 3.39 for a 1/2 gallon.

And my best deal was the Liquid Similac Formula. . the quart size are on sale for 4.39 and I used the $2 coupon from 10/10 RP to get them down to 2.39. . .I bought 2. . .so my total was 4.78 and I had a $5 check from Similac so I actually made 22 cents buying this baby formula.

But get this: these 2 quarts of formula that I got for free! That I made 22 cents on will actually save some babies' lives in Ethiopia. Ethiopia is where we are adopting our 6 year old son from, and the remote orphanage where he is right now (and that YWAM adoption ministry runs) desperately needs formula. They call this formula Liquid Gold or Powdered Gold.

A note from the orphanage recently read: "Change in the babies since they have been getting regular formula is astounding. Growth, chubbiness, more energy, more smiles, better health!"

You can read more here at We are That Family blog and more here at Into the Streets of Ethiopia blog.

And if you are so inclined, I sure would love your Similac coupons from 10/10 RP or if you happen to get Similac (or any formula) checks and you do not use them, I would LOVE those. Or if you have those free cans they give you when you have a new baby or any free samples. . I would love to have those to give to the orphanages in Ethiopia.

Really, this stuff is life saving liquid gold to these Ethiopian babies. I will take all this liquid gold down to Ethiopia when we go sometime in Dec, Jan, or Feb to meet our son.

And I'll say it again: this is why I LOVE couponing. It not only blesses my family and our budget . . .but it can sooo be used to bless others.

Couponing makes it easy and inexpensive to give more.


  1. Amen! Amen! Thanks Su, so much, for getting the work out. You are awesome!

  2. Thanks for posting this Su - I had thrown out my formula q's day before yesterday thinking to myself, it's a shame I don't know anyone who needs these. Fortunately, they were in a separate bin and it was easy to pick them right out of the trash! I'll save them all for you from now on, and get my sisters too.

  3. I have at least 12 of the formula coupons. Are their 12 of you that could pass on your checks??? Let's work together to get as much as possible!

  4. This will blow your mind.....I still get coupons in the mail for my "new" baby who is now seven. I will forward them to you.
    When are you coming to Greensboro to teach your classes? -LH

  5. I am not sure about everyone's ped's offices, but ours right now has a stack of Similac $5 off coupons. I grabbed a couple for my brother since that's what they use for their baby, but if there are still some the next time I head in, I'll grab some for you Su. :)

  6. Target has it on price cut for $3.68- $3 printable coupon on make it only .68 for Ready to Feed Formula. Great time to stock up!

  7. At the CSN store I would buy some jewelry for my mother in law. She has started a slider bracelet and they sell the beads that go on it.


  8. Where can I send formula coupons? I have some.

  9. Anonymous-

    You can send coupons to my home address. I will put them to good use! Thanks for your thoughtfulness. You can email me at susoutter{at}bellsouth{dot}net and I will email you back my address. . do not want to put it on my blog incase some boogie man is reading it :)

  10. I would shop for Christmas gifts for the kids!


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