Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Heads Up: $50 Coupon Booklet at HT

I have not posted in a few days due to movement on the adoption front. If interested, click here to see what happened today. I have also been super busy creating and shipping lots of In This Home paintings. These paintings have brought in much of the finances needed for this adoption. Here is a pic of one of my favorites I just made:

But Katy emailed me to let me know about a new coupon booklet she found at the Harris Teeter at North Hills. I love when ya'll send me an email giving me a heads up. I love having a community of gals (and a few men) who are into this coupon thing as much as I am.

The coupon booklets are titled "Your Ultimate Holiday Guide" and are with a Keebler display in the bakery section. The front cover has a red package tied with a green ribbon on it.

The booklet has recipes and $50 worth of coupons in them, including 2 $10 off 10 participating products (that includes Town House, Nutrigrain bars, Club crackers, Cheeze-its, Toasteds, Chips Deluxe, Rice Krispies treats and Special K bars). One coupon is good for 11/1-11/30 and the other is good for 12/1- 12/31.

And then there are lots of other coupons that expire in 2011.

Have ya'll seen these booklets? Did you get one? If you go and get one, will you grab one for me too? I will do the same if I see them displayed at my Harris Teeter.


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