Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Heads Up: Sign Up for Birthday Freebies

Past coupon student wrote this blog post for me! You will not believe the freebies she got in the mailbox and her email inbox just because it was her birthday! Read what JM wrote:

Ever since I started taking Su's class I have saved money, in more ways than just at the grocery store. The lifestyle of "saving money" has changed my view on how I spend money and how I spend my time. This new view of money has taught me that it might be worth that extra minute to sign up for a freebie online or to fill out that rebate form. Below is all that I am getting free this month, ONLY because it is my birthday and I must have signed up for a "birthday freebie" along the road.

1. $20 gift card to Victoria Secret
2. $10 gift card to Build-A-Bear
3. Full size shampoo from Aveda
4. Free scoop of ice cream from Baskin Robbins
5. $5 gift card to Jason's Deli
6. $5 gift card to Ace Hardware
7. $15 gift card to Banana Republic
8. 20% off one item at Steinmart
9. Free burger from Red Robin

Can you believe all of this??? What a fun birthday - and yes, I will use ALL of it. In fact, I am telling my husband not to buy me anything because I can treat myself (and now I am saving money again).

Thanks Su!
Su here: Check out this post here on The Frugal blog. They have made an extensive list of Birthday Freebies with the links to click and start signing up. I recommend using a separate email like I mention in my coupon class. When I first started out, I would take 10 minutes every Friday to go to my favorite stores' and restaurants' websites and sign up for their e-clubs, birthday clubs, etc. If you do the same, I bet your next bday will be filled with some sweet surprises!

Anyone know of any other birthday freebies we should sign up for? Ones that are not on the above list from The Frugal blog.

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  1. Man, I wish I would have thought of this in time to sign up before my birthday! Love it. Maybe it's not too late... I'm going to check at least one of those.


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