Friday, October 15, 2010

Make Money with General Mills Promotion at Harris Teeter

I got paid $10.66 to take the below out of the store!!!

General Mills is running a promotion at Harris Teeter this week (good til Tues 10/19) where if you buy $20 worth of participating General Mills products, you will receive $20 in coupons good towards four future shopping trips.

When you spend $20 BEFORE COUPONS on any of the items pictured in the Harris Teeter ad (pick it up when you go in the store), you will get 4 catalinas:

1 for $3 oyno good 10/20-10/26
1 for $4 oyno good 10/27-11/2
1 for $5 oyno good 11/3-11/9
1 for $8 oyno good 11/10-11/16

WOW!! So I bought:

2 boxes of Wheaties Refuel that were on sale for $2.50 and used 2 of the 75 cents coupons from 10/10 GM which doubled

2 boxes of Fiber One Honey Clusters that were on sale for $2.50 and used 2 of the 75 cents coupons which doubled

1 box of Whole Grain Total that was on sale for $2 and used the 75 cents coupon

1 box of Betty Crocker Muffin Mix in the box that was on sale for $2 and used the 50 cents coupon from 10/3 SS which doubled

3 boxes of Green Giant Plain boxed veggies that were on sale for $1.25 each and used the 60 cents off 3 coupon which doubled

3 packs of Fiber One yogurt that was on sale for 1.43 each and used 3 of the 50 cents off coupons which doubled

So I bought $22.04 of participating General Mills products and used $12.70 worth of coupons to bring the total down to$9.34 and then I got $20 of catalinas. So I made $10.66!!!

There are so many coupons out for these participating General Mills products. Let me know what combinations you come up with. For other combinations, check out the message board here over at I am sure to go again before Tues!!


  1. I did it! I bought 12 boxes of plain green giant veggies and 3 packs of Yoplait Splitz yogurts. I had q's for all of it too!

    veggies were 1.25 /box my q's were .60/3 boxes

    so I paid $11.40 for the veggies

    yogurt was $2 each and my q's were .50/1

    so I paid $3 for the yogurts

    total paid $14.40
    total $ back $ 20.00 (in catalina's)
    a profit of $5.60!!

    and I am going to do it again too! I never don't need veggie and yogurt.

    also, did you see the free Philadelphia cookbook? it's a $19.95 value that is free when you buy 4 Philadelphia products. I was getting 4 boxes of cream cheese (sale 4 for $5) so i picked up the book too!


  2. That is awesome!!! -MT

  3. I just did this deal this morning, here is how mine broke down:

    (3) Total Cereal use (3) $0.75/1q = $1.50 OOP
    (3) Apple Cinnamon Cheerios use (3) IP $0.75/1q = $3.00 OOP
    (2) Yoplait Splitz Yogurts use (2) $0.75/1q = $1.00 OOP
    (2) Betty Crocker Muffin Mix use (2) $0.50/1q = $2.00 OOP

    Paid $7.50 OOP and got back $20.... made $12.50!


  4. I got

    2 boxes of simply fruit roll ups for $5
    (I tried to print the q but it was out)

    10 boxes of green giant veggies for 12.50

    2 4-packs of Yoplait Original Yogurt for $4

    Total was $21.50

    I used $6 worth of coupons to bring total down to: $15.50

    Got $20 worth of Catalinas when I check out - Oh Yeah!

  5. Su, I went to the HT in Wake Forest and my catalinas did not print out. I went to customer service and was told that the total in products was after coupon use. So, if the cereal was on sale for $2.50 but I had a coupon for .75...should I be calculating the $2.50 or the $1.00 towards my total? I thought it was the the former but according to customer service desk at HT in Wake Forest it was the latter.

  6. Anonymous-

    It is $20 BEFORE coupons. . so you calculate the $2.50 for the box of cereal.The HT manager was wrong. Call Catalina's customer service. You will need some numbers off the receipt (do you still have it?) and if you were indeed suppose to get the catalinas (as in you did buy $20 off participating items. . the ones listed in the ad), then they will snail mail you the catalinas. They have great customer service. Their phone # is


    Let me know how it turns out!!

    Yeah. . some managers were giving $20 gift cards to customers who did the deal and the catalina did not print out. Yes, you should get it.


  7. Leesville store also says $20 AFTER coupons, though it is not listed that way in the flier. I went back and got the extra items to cover my coupons before checking out and it still did not print the catalinas. Customer service says they will send them to me. I also called the Catalina people and they say it is AFTER those of you who got it BEFORE coupons got a deal. All six HT employees, including one manager, acted like I was the problem....none of them seemed to know how this was supposed to work and not one apologized. Bad experience all the way around. I had to spend $7 more to cover my coupons and still waiting for the rebates to come. Unnecessarily complicated.

  8. Oh Susan. . ugh! I am so sorry that happened. I am surprised. I have been to 2 different HT and they both printed. I think I would have been tempted to void my transaction or take everything back. Ugh.

  9. Hi Su, I was the "anonymous" that went to the Harris Teeter in Wake Forest. The manager did phone me back the next day and indicated that I could come by and pick up my coupons. I don't know if she figured out what I did wrong but I did. I had $20 of participating products, however, my Totino's pizza rolls were not the 15 count...they were the larger bags b/c they were out of the 15 count boxes. So, perhaps she decided to give it to me anyhow. At any rate, she never made a comment about whether or not it was supposed to be before or after the coupons or not and I did not ask...I just said "thank you" and told her I would come by and pick up my coupons. :)


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