Monday, November 15, 2010

4 Heads Ups from Readers

I wanted to share some emails I got this past week from The Intentional Home readers. Here's 3 Heads Ups for you. . .and 1 question I need answered.

1. Courtney wrote to tell me that she went to Harris Teeter (deals good thru tomorrow, Tues 11/16) to pick up a few things and get a turkey for .39/lb. While she was looking around, she noticed some wine tags for $1 off your turkey purchase. So total spent for a 14lb turkey was $4.36! And she included a P.S that said: Total spent 30.18, saved 54.98! Woohoo!!!

2. Jenn emailed me about Pretty Potty Smells. Not words one would usually put together, eh? Jenn's house is on the market and it is important to her that their bathrooms smell fresh. However, she cannot stand 99% of the air fresheners that are on the market, so here's what she does to make her potties smell pretty. Starting with a (relatively) clean potty, she flushes the toilet. As the water is swirling back into the bowl, she puts in a few drops of McCormick s Peppermint Extract. After a few minutes the entire bathroom smells like peppermint. This would work with Lemon or Vanilla or whatever smell you like. It lasts for about 2 flushes before the smell fades away. It also completely eliminates any bad smells. Simply follow the steps above and the smells are gone - you may have to flush once after putting the extract in. This also work with essential oils, which is the basis for the Poo-Pourri brand toilet freshner, but it's way more expensive.

3. And another email from a reader informed me about the United States Postal System's program called "Media Mail". Using this program, you can ship certain things (via the post office) for about half of their regular rate. This program is for sending small and large packages consisting of books, film, manuscripts, sound recordings, video tapes, and computer readable media (such as CDs, DVDs, and diskettes). Prices are based on weight. This is a great thing to keep in mind if you have holiday packages to ship. Click here for all the details.

4. And lastly. . many emails have come in with questions about e-coupons, those electronic coupons you load onto your card. At Kroger, you use an electronic coupon loaded to your shopper card along with a paper manufacturer's coupon on the same item? And Harris Teeter has just started e-coupons. . any one tried those yet? I am working on a blog post to answer your questions about e-coupons. .. but sure would love for ya'll to shoot me an email to help out. . I do not shop Kroger regularly so I have little real life experience with e-coupons. . all my knowledge is from my reading on the internet. And I have yet to try our Harris Teeter's e-coupons. So if you have a moment, can you shoot me an email and let me know what you know, what your experience has been. . and I will get a post up tomorrow or Wed. Thanks! I love having a community of gals (and a few men) who are as into spending less at the grocery store so they can ___ more and give more as I am!!

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  1. Su -- Took me awhile to get myself to HT to test it out, but today I discovered HT DOES allow you to stack the electronic Qs (ZVR they're called) and manufacturer's Qs. I had both types for Betty Crocker potatoes and Green Giant frozen veggies - made them even better deals :)


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