Wednesday, November 3, 2010

All this for $14!!

I just got back from Super Doubles at Harris Teeter and paid $14 for all the above!!!
Can you see what is in that picture?

Let me tell you: 4 pack of Starbucks Drinks, 8 packs of muffin mix, Brownie mix, 2 packs of 3 bars of Dial Soap, Kleenex Hand Towels (I will tell you next week why I bought those!), pack of Skittles for my Brooke, Crisco Oil, 3 boxes of pasta (making pasta salad now for the kids' lunches), 2 things of tuna, Eye Round Roast, London Broil ( I had wine tags for $1 off any red meat and I used 3 of them to get these 2 pieces of meat for less than $2 total!!), organic spinach, organic carrots ( I had wine tags that made the spinach and carrots free!!), Lettuce shreds, bag of cauliflower and broc, bananas, 3 apples, a cucumber, 2 boxes of bagel bites (I will be the best mom in the world in a few minutes when the kids come home), 2 packs of cookie dough, pack of drinkable yogurt, 8lbs of potatoes, and a gallon of milk!!!!!

I had to post. . because this should have cost me $87.68 but I paid only $14. I saved $73.68. . a savings of 85%!!! And I got meat and milk and produce!!!!

I really had to post because see, I use to leave everything out on the counter and not put it away until my husband came home from work. . and the kids came home from school. . and I would make them each guess how much I paid for all that was on the counter and see who could come closest.

I would even put the cold stuff in the refridge and when they would come in, I would get the cold stuff out of the refridge and put it on the counter with the nonpersishables and make my family guess. This does not impress them anymore. I do not think they even look now. . I think they automatically just say "a quarter?" or "they paid you?" I've been doing this for 3 years now; the novelty for my family has worn off. But not me. . .I love it. . so now. . I take a picture for ya'll and I put all the groceries away before all come home :)

Did ya'll go to Super Doubles? How did you do?? Tell me!!

Looks like I need to put that laundry and laundry baskets away too before the hubby comes home. . .oh, I am getting better at getting on top of this laundry and dinner plan thing before I tackle anything else. Did you see that post. . .it was such a zinger for me. Click here if you do not know what I am talking about.


  1. do you have extra crisco q's?? for some reason i don't have those and actually need it:) (if you need them don't worry about it...just knew you usually have multiple copies of the paper:)

    oh...and advice for finding winetags? i NEVER see them!

  2. ohmigosh, you really did get more for your $14 that I got for my $7! Thanks for your card today - I am going to check your blog out! My church is starting a ministry where we combine couponing and sales to get food/personal care items for free or pocket change to donate to homeless shelters and of course I also do the same for my own home.

  3. Heather. . my Crisco coupon was a single one from a home mailer I believe. . it did not come from a Sunday paper insert. And wine tags. . it is just luck. . .the coupon gurus do snag them quickly.

  4. My favorite deals from today-
    *Seventh Generation napkins .29 each
    *Free Bumble Bee canned chicken (2 cans per coupon)
    *Quaker instant Oatmeal packs .50 each
    *Wholly Guac, free or .50 per pack with Internet printable ($1.50/$1 q for single or double pack)
    *Celestial Tea .50 per box (it's hot tea season again!)
    *Free Bush's grill'en beans
    I had a $5 my entire purchase coupon from the general mill promotion several weeks ago and so for 3 of each of the above and a some Finish dishwasher tabs I paid $5.55 and saved $68.44 on this one shop.

  5. I spent $11.73 and saved $65.88!


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