Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Another Student's Success!

I love seeing pictures of your shops! Here are pics of Melissa's Harris Teeter Super Doubles shops. Melissa paid $19.86 for all the below and saved $56.25, a savings of 74%!!

And below is Melissa's 2nd shop where she paid $23.09 and saved $44.20, a savings of 64%!! Look at that milk!!! Melissa says her upstairs fridge is full of milk now thanks to super doubles, and it only cost her .99 each. She says she shouldnt have to buy any until 2011. Yes!! That is the one key to cutting your grocery bill in half: stockpiling!!!

Stockpiling allows you to always be eating food/using health and beauty items that were purchased at the lowest price. When an item is at your "target price", you stock up. . .just like Melissa did with her soy milk. This means you will rarely run out of an item and thus you will rarely have to purchase an item at full price. For more on stockpiling, you will want to click here.


  1. My facebook status says: This past week has been "Super Doubles" at Harris Teeter. I just did the math. The Total from the 7 receipts I could find tell me I spent $59 and saved $424. You should see the mountain of food and supplies piled up here. Couponing is amazing. Highlights include Fresh Express Salad kits, wholegrain pasta, canned chicken, Wholly Guacamole, Finish Dishwasher tabs, Jimmy Deans Sausage and the list goes on and on. -Coreen

  2. I laughed about Melissa and the soy milk. I currently have 9 cartons of soy milk in my outside fridge. I thought I was the only one! But at $1 each, yeah, can’t beat that! I know I’ll drink it and it lasts longer than regular milk! -EP


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