Saturday, November 20, 2010

Simplifying the Christmas Card

This is the best one of the lot. You know, the perfect family picture you try to take every year for the Christmas Card.

Getting a family picture for the Christmas card does not bring out the best of me. Rob says you choose your attitude, but for some reason after trying to coordinate outfits, make sure everyone has clean faces and hair, and getting myself dressed, and then getting everyone to cooperate and smile because tweens do not want to pose, preschoolers can't sit still long enough, and someone usually turns his head, blinks, or scatches his nose. . .it is hard for me to choose a good attitude.

So that is why I love that Shutterfly has Christmas cards where you can put mulitple pictures on the front. I can just use an individual shot of each of my kids to make my Christmas card. I can use different photos taken thruout the year. Ah. . a way to simplify.

I love that I can use this card:

and just take a photo of each one of my kids (even the one that is in Ethiopia right now) and call it done.

And I love these cards that tell a story along with the pictures.

Shutterfly's story cards remind me of the card we did last year where we listed each person's name and then wrote what they were thankful for, what they dreamed of, and what they would always remember about 2009. Here's Anna's and David's from last year:

Anna (12)

Thankful for music, friends, & new markers

Dreams of returning to Guatemala, being a dancer or event planner

From 2009, will always remember being in the play High School Musical 2

David (10)

Thankful for knives, bb guns, & trees

Dreams of being a farmer, catching a huge fish, & light saber dueling Darth Vader

From 2009, will always remember our trip to the mountains and Tweetsie Railroad.

Lists like we did last year or like Shutterfly's Top 10 Moments of 2010 is another way to simplify the Christmas card. . no long letters. . but still sharing the highlights of the year and documenting the year for you and your family.

Isn't this one the cutest, documenting each month of your baby's first year:

I also like that Shutterfly has a selection of cards that focus on Jesus and that holy night of rejoicing. Simplifying my Christmas cards helps me focus on the real meaning of Chirstmas. Sidenote: I just created a handout entitled 10 Fun Ways to Help Your Kids Focus on Jesus This Christmas; I will share snippets of it here on my blog beginning December. . .for those interested.

Do you use Shutterfly to make your Christmas cards? Do you create your own? Do you skip them all together (that would make it super simple, eh)? Well, if you have a blog and want to get 50 free holiday cards from Shutterfly, click here to find out how. . .thus my reason for this post, but hopefully it gave you some ideas or got you brainstorming or you liked seeing a picture of my family (my mom and mother-in-law read my blog).

And if you want to find out how to make,sure your Christmas card is everyone's favorite, click here.

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  1. Great photo Su!!! You look awesome! Great shot of everyone. Good job.
    Great photo Christmas card ideas. Thanks!


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