Saturday, November 20, 2010

Some Great Harris Teeter Deals this week!

I went to Harris Teeter tonight. I wanted to share my favorite deals; there are some good ones this week. I also wanted to tell you that these deals will last longer than the normal sale week. Usually Harris Teeter runs their sales from Wed-Tues, but because of the Thanksgiving holiday, their sales will run at least until Thurs, 11/23. I am not sure if a new sale will begin Fri 11/26 or if they will just wait til the following Wed, 12/1. I'll let you know. . anyone know for sure?

But from now until at least Thurs, 11/23, check out the below deals. And many of these deals use coupons that came out last Sunday so you newbies can take part!!

  • Wheaties Cereal: on sale for 1.74, use the .75 from 10/10 SS and you get it for .24 a box!
  • Dial Liquid Soap: on sale for .84 each, use the .35 coupon from 10/10 RP and you get it for .14 each!!
  • Ziploc Bags: on sale for $1.45, use the .55 coupon from 11/14 SS and you get them for .35 a box!
  • Orville Popcorn: on sale for $1.49 a box, use .40 from 11/14 SS and you pay only .69
  • Helluva Cheese: on sale for $2, use the .55 from 11/14 RP and you pay only .90 for a block of cheese
  • Breakstone Sourcream: on sale for $1.50, use the 55 from 11/14 SS and you pay only .40

And my favorite was the Oral B Cross Action Power toothbrushes in the clearance bin. Did any of you see them at your Harris Teeter?

They were marked down to $3. And using the $3 coupon for any battery operated Oral B toothbrush from 10/31 PG made them free!! These normally run $5 to $9 a piece!!

So newbies. . those of you who just took my class Nov 4. . do you have inserts from this past Sunday, 11/14?? This would be a great time to go try out couponing. Take a few coupons from this past Sunday's inserts and go get the deals I listed above. Go get Ziploc bags for 35 cents and see how it works. Let me know how you do! You can so do this!!

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  1. Hi Su: Since I took your class I have been very intentional on couponing to donate to my church food pantry. I had many things in my pantry that went to blessing others. I had not focused on buying things that we were not going to use but donating makes it so much more FUN!!! I heading out to HT to see if I can find that booklet ... thank you so much for all that you do -- you are such a blessing from God. He is Awesome


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