Monday, November 8, 2010

Super Doubles Success & Winner of Giveaway

Asangla who took my coupon class exactly a year ago emailed me pictures of her Super Doubles shops. Super Doubles at Harris Teeter is still going on. . you have until tomorrow, Tues 11/9 midnite to shop.

Asangla paid $11.13 for all the below and got back a $3 catalina from the Hamburger helper. She saved $55.92, a savings of 84%!!!

And then she did a 2nd shop the following day and spent $9.63 on all the below and got back a $3 catalina from Hamburger helper. This time she saved $59.70, a savings of 87%!!! If you need help figuring out your percentage of savings, click here.

How did you do at Super Doubles? Did you notice if there were any coupons in yesterday's paper that would make for some good deals?

And because my week was consumed with lots of paint, wood, trips to Lowes, and 12 young adults descending on my home (more details to come), I forgot to announce the winner of the CSN $40 giveaway. Thanks so much for leaving all 96 comments. The winner according to is #77. . which is Lauren. . Lauren, email me so you can go shopping for those new bed sheets!

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  1. Had a great HT run the other day. Bought $39 worth of groceries. With super doubles and 2 of the $5 off q’s from the GM promotion a couple of weeks ago, I came out of pocket 67 cents!!!! Thanks for all of the help you give to some many of us!!-EP


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