Monday, December 20, 2010

My Favorite Chirstmas Gift to GIve

Christmas 2000 years ago changed the world; it brought hope. It changed lives. Christmas 2010 can do the same.

There are many humanitarian and Christian organizations that bring hope to those living in the poorest parts of the world. I've listed several organizations below, each of which has a gift catalog where you can choose a meaningful gift to give in honor of a loved one and change the life of a family around the world.

This is my favorite Christmas gift to give. This is a gift that really matters and to me celebrates the true meaning of Christmas.

So what I do is choose an item from the gift catalog and then find an ornament that represents the gift I chose. Last year I purchased ducks in honor of my sweet neighbor and wrapped up this ornament to remind her that a life was being changed this Christmas:

I wrote my neighbor a card telling her how duck eggs can feed a family year round. I shared how duck eggs and baby ducks can be sold for extra income.

I gave a girlfriend this ornament that I made out of pipe cleaners and yarn and attached a card about how sheep give milk, cheese and wool to a family in El Salvador.

Thruout the year, I am always on the look out for ornaments or items that can be made into ornaments that coordinate with the gifts in the catalogs. Michaels Arts and Crafts sells many wooden shapes. I painted this chicken for a friend this year and will attach a card telling her how a chicken means more than food for a family; it means a source of income, manure for the vegetable garden, and a supply of eggs.

Check out the gift catalogs from these organizations:

Compassion International

World Vision

Samaritan's Purse

Heifer International

and my personal favorite is the gift catalog of Adoption Ministry of YWAM Ethiopia not only because we are adopting our 6 year old son thru them, but NO administrative fees are deducted; 100% of your dollars are used to bring hope to widows, orphans, and families.

Thru YWAM, you can provide materials for a small house for one of the many poverty-stricken families in the village of Gutumuma, Ethiopia. You can provide a house for only $400 and there are no labor costs as each family and their friends provide the labor. Wow!! And a house ornament would be so easy to find.

And you gotta click here to see the joy a goat brought an Ethiopian woman.

5 fruit trees from World Vision are only $30 and there are so many glittery Christmas apples, oranges, lemon ornaments out there.

Sometimes if I cannot find an ornament that coordinates with what I purchase from the catalog, I give an ornament with the word "hope" on it. I saw some "hope" ornaments at Walmart today for only $1. I made this "hope" ornament by attaching a ribbon and rub on letters to a glass ornament.

Christmas is about a miracle. Miracles still happen today. And sometimes those miracles come with feathers...or have 4 feet. I want to be a part of miracles. I want to be a world changer. This is one small way to do so.

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