Tuesday, December 7, 2010

New Couponer Spends 2 CENTS at CVS!!!

Allison who just took my coupon class in November sent the below picture to me. She spent .02 for $69.84 worth of stuff at CVS! Almost 100% savings!!

Allison combined sales, a $5 off $25 coupon for CVS's kiosh, $28 in ECBS, and maunfacturer coupons from the paper (1 Bounce mfg coupon, .55 Renuzit mfg coupon, 1 Aussie mfg coupon, and 3 mfg Nuetrogena coupon) to get a Nuetrogena lipstick, 3 Renuzit air fresheners, a bottle of Aussie product, a Bounce dryer bar, 10 Truffull bars, 8 Power bars, a star necklace pin, and a bag of doggie cookie mix!

She said the Truffulls were on 75% clearance and the Powerbars were bogo .99. The cookie mix and pin were not on sale, but they were free by using the correct coupon combination:)

Allison came to my November coupon class with my friend so she has been at this for exactly one month. And this is what she says:

"I have been having a blast ever since. I got $352 worth of groceries for $184!! That's a months worth of dinners, two weeks worth of lunches, and a nice contribution to my stock! Seriously, we were spending between $150-200 weekly for TWO of us.

I signed up for all of the iPhone apps for Walgreens, CVS, Kmart..(Kmart has a decent rewards program and emails digital receipts). I find out the deals before the paper arrives on Wednesday and Sunday! I've been bragging to all of my Facebook friends, too!!

My husband's so funny! He told me to tell my friend who invited me to the class that she's helped create a coupon monster!! Ha ha! If that's what he wants to call me, that's fine! I'm having fun, getting organized, and saving a nice chunk of change!!"

You can so do this too!! I have yet to schedule my 2011 classes. My next coupon class will be January or Feb. All classes as they are scheduled are listed on the left hand sidebar of my blog. New classes should be posted after Christmas.

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  1. What a superstar!!! I wanna know about the iPhone apps she mentioned.


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