Thursday, January 6, 2011

Blog Readers Change the World

Small Things Done with Great Love Can Change the World! I am convinced of it!

Remember this post here about the response to my request for formula? I changed the title to "Couponing Can Change the World: a note about that Formula". If you missed that post, click here and then come back so you have the full story behind the below info.

Blog reader Yolanda and her friends (they call themselves The Go Girls) gather every Christmas. And this Christmas when they gathered, they each brought a few cans of formula!!

This is what they wrote to me:

Here is the picture for your new son's story. In the midst of such great need, this is a small contribution, but with lots of love. We are so happy to be able to help just a bit by providing "liquid gold" , to a few Ethiopian babies who need all the nourishment they can get, so that they are able to survive and get better nutrition.

With love,
The Go Girls

I just cried. Rob and I leave in 15 days and all our checked in luggage will be filled with the formula pictured above and the formula below, the formula so many of you have dropped off or sent me coupons for. Look at it all:

Here is another opportunity for you blog readers to change the world. It is easy and it is free!! I wrote about my friend Lisa over at my other blog. Lisa is applying for a grant to build a library in an area of Guatemala that has been devastated by poverty, gangs, and lack of education. The entry with the most votes wins the grant. I sure would appreciate it if you clicked here and follow the directions to vote! Small things really can change the world!


  1. You can actually vote 10 times per day (which i did, one right after the other)!

  2. Praise God! I think we will be able to hear the orphanage rejoicing from all the way over here when they see all that formula! Will be praying for you guys as you travel to meet your new son!


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