Monday, January 10, 2011

Past Student Saves 87% at Harris Teeter!!

Harris Teeter Super Doubles ends tomorrow. If you are thinking of getting one more trip in before we get snowed in, here's some inspiration. Melissa got all the below for only $10.88!!

She bought:
4 boxes special K bars
3 1/2 gallon soy milk
6 Kens dressing
3 packages lunchmeat
1 package WW treats
1 package EatSmart chips
1 bottle Biltmore narinade
1 bottle soy sauce
2 bottles 7th generation dish soap
1 package perdue chicken short cuts
4 pack of Activia yogurt

Total before coupons was $73.31. Total after coupons was $10.88, that is a savings of 87%!!!


  1. WOW ... that is great!!! But how did she do it? I don't see coupons for most of these!!??!?! Except for...

    Kens dressing
    packages lunchmeat
    bottles 7th generation dish soap
    pack of Activia yogurt

    Way to go!!!!

  2. Hi Robin-

    I suspect that the coupons that were not in the Sunday paper were printed online or found in odd places (like product packages, sent to her from the company, hang tags and tear pads found previously,All You magazine, etc.) Those odd coupons are great to use during super doubles, because they are usually $1 coupons.

  3. What I liked the most is how clean her counters are! My new year's resolution! And last year's also!

  4. LOL. . you think she cleared the counter for the picture?? OR Melissa, do they always look like that?? It does make a difference in the "mood of the home" when the counters are cleared, eh??

  5. I had a coupon for every item. Some from the internet, some from ALL YOU, some from fliers.

    And yes, my counters are ALWAYS that clean. Its a pet peeve of mine. If my house is cluttered, then so is my mind.


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