Wednesday, February 2, 2011

I'm Back. . .and Here's a Few Heads Ups!


I am just getting back from Ethioipia. The trip was hard on the body and the heart. And I am seeing my world thru new eyes. I am sharing bits and pieces as they come out over on my adoption blog. Click here if you'd like to check it out.

I just ordered the free P&G booklet called Organize in Style. It has $35 worth of P&G coupons in it "plus organization ideas and decorating tricks to inspire you to make your home beautiful, balanced and - best of all - simple." You can order one too by clicking here.

My sister is gearing up for her Monkey Exchange Consignment Show which is happening this coming up Wed-Friday, Feb 9-11.

The Monkey Exchange offers only the finest, gently used clothing from the best children's specialty shops and boutiques. Name brands such as Chez Ami, Orient Expressed, New Potatoes, The Plantation Shop, Kate & Libby, Ragsland, Kelly's Kids, Lilly, Two Friends, Kitty Casey are consigned.

Click here to register to sell your cute boutique kid clothes or to just learn the details so you can go shop. The show is held in the North Hills Club Ballroom.

And as I shared in my last post, I have opened 3 classes. These will likely be my last "open to all" classes for a long time. I will still be open to you organizing a group of 20 or so gals and me coming to your place, but as for general open to the public classes, this will be it for a while. So if you have always wanted to come to a class, click here to see what is coming up.

I am longing to simplify my home. . to get systems in place. . to create structure so that our newest son can thrive and bond and transition well to his new family and life here. I want the optimum environment. I am sure simplifying, systems, and structure will benefit the other 6 of us as well. This is what I want to be intentional about in the coming months and thus the reason for the cutback on the classes. I am sure I will be sharing some of the simplifying, systems, and structure here at The Intentional Home. For example, I think I have finally found a laundry system that works for us!! Can't wait to tell you about that because do you remember my post here about my laundry woes. No more.

More later but remember you were made to run the intentional home-

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  1. so glad you are back and things went well! i can't wait to learn about your laundry system. i am drowning in laundry.


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