Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Lots of Pictures From "Coupon Class Graduates"!!

Oh!! Here is proof that what I teach in my coupon classes works!! Look at these emails "coupon class graduates" have sent me. All of these pictures are from this week's Harris Teeter Super Doubles which ends today. Have you gone yet? I plan to do one more run today.

Buffy spent $ 10.91 on all the below. She saved $19.39, a 64% savings!! If you want to figure out your % saved, I did a post here on that.

Melissa got everything in the below photo for $16!!! Without coupons, it would've been $104; that is a savings of 85%!! And do note this includes 2 lbs of grapes, a cantaloupe, 3 cartons of milk and soy yogurt, which never has coupons!

Kelley got all the below for $24.11. And you probably can't see it, but there are 9 frozen Green Giant boxed veggies in that photo. Kelley saved $58.77, a savings of 71%!!!! Kelley says she got a lot of stock pile items and some items that weren't even super double items (BOGO frozen chicken breasts).
And another "coupon class graduate" paid $38.87 for all that is in both of these pictures below. She saved $74.50 which is a savings of 66%!!

And no pictures, but check out this email. I was a tad jealous; I think Drew (yes, a few men do take my classes!!) has surpassed his teacher:

Hi Su-

I am so addicted to couponing. I need to go to coupons anonymous. LOL!!!! I have gone to HT for the last 6 days. I have purchased about $580 of groceries for $50. This is so fun. Tonight's trip...$48 for only $1.90 plus a FREE rotisserie chicken (not figured in the $1.90). I am so fired up it's nuts. I would love to come to one of your classes and give a testimony...can I?


I am so up for coming to your home, church, or business and teaching a class. Click here for details.


  1. Wow, I need to know What Drew did for sure!!! Your blog is always an encouragement! Today I took advantage of the HT General Mills $6 off at the register. I came home with enough cereal for us, the people down the street who lost their job and 7 boxes for the food bank. I wish I had had more coupons saved up because I could have done way better I know.
    I paid $54.89 and saved $78.00 YAY!!! 26 boxes of cereal and dish soap bananas, electric tooth brush, and cottonelle tp and a few other things.

  2. Way to go Kimberly!! A 59% savings. And I love you continually push yourself to give. I love your heart.

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