Tuesday, March 8, 2011

My Foyer: Before & After

Foyers are fun to decorate. Because you do not spend a lot of time in them, you can often go bolder than usual in your decorating and your color design. Guest bathrooms and hallways are the same way. Because these areas are used sparingly, you can go bolder than you normally would elsewhere in the house. And for those of you who have been in my home, you know that I love bold color:

So the thought that foyers and guest baths and hallways give me the opportunity to go even bolder and brighter just makes me giddy.

I have been wanting to go a little bolder in my foyer for a while now.



So now there are 3 shades of mustard yellow in my foyer which was totally inspired by this Laura Ashley paint chip I picked up at Lowes:

And now there are scrolls. . which Rob free handed up there for me. A living room of scrolls may make me edgy because we spend so much time in there. But a foyer of scrolls makes me smile.

The thing to be careful about when decorating a foyer or a guest bath or a hallway is the lighting. Lighting can totally make a color design work or totally make it NOT work.

Most foyers and guest baths and hallways do not have windows that allow natural light in. You can see that in that Lowes paint chip, they opened the door to let some natural light in. Colors look best in natural light.

But since these areas do not often have sources of natural light, colors can seem off or even neon. That is also the reason why a living room with look a beautiful sage green during the day (when natural light is coming thru the windows) and then at night, it looks neon green (when it is dark outside and no light coming in thru the windows).

And if you take away a lot of the white walls and trim, like I did in my foyer by painting the door and surrounding trim dark mustard yellow. . you loose a lot of reflective lighting.

So the best way to compensate is to change the lightbulbs. Really. My favorite is the full spectrum light bulbs, like the GE Reveal bulbs. They are specially made to filter out the dull yellow rays produced by standard incandescent bulbs and that make colors vivid. . not neon or washed out.

Here's another before shot of my foyer. See how the yellows almost look neon. It is all about the lighting.


And just wait til I show you my guest bath and hallways!! If you want to see more Before and Afters, check out Thrifty Decor Chick's Party, which I linked to.

So have you gone bolder and more dramatic and pushed the edge a little more than normal in your foyer, guest bath, or hallway? I'd love to see pictures!


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