Wednesday, March 2, 2011

My Walgreens Shop

Did you go to Walgreens this week? I went this morning and the Walgreens on Falls (those of you who are in Raleigh) was fully stocked!! They even had a shelf at the front of the store with all the freebies on it! There are quite a few good money makers this week. Look at the back of the flyer and check them out!! Here are a few of my favorites:

Colgate is on sale for $2.99 and you get back $3 in Register Rewards. Use a coupon to make this a money maker!

Motrin is on sale for $3 and you get back $3 in Register Rewards. Use the $1 coupon from 1/9 SS and you have a money maker.

The Nasal Gel Spray is on sale for $4.99 and you get back $5 in Register Rewards. And there is a peelie right there on the package for $1 off. Use that peelie and you have a money maker.

I got all the above for $28.73 and I have $3 Register Rewards to spend next week.

I had to get Benadryl cream (we are out and Rob is having some major allergic reactions) and a 3 inch binder (David's binder is falling apart and as a result his schoolwork is very disorganized.) Those 2 things alone would have cost me $23 and they were a must have this week. Yes, I did not have these things in my stockpile and I did not even have coupons for them and I needed them now.

But by combining sales and coupons and Register Rewards and breaking my items up into 3 separate transactions, for only 6 more dollars out of pocket, I got (in addition to a binder and 2 tubes of Benadryl cream):

4 toothbrushes, 3 tins of Altoids, nasal spray, 2 bottles of Motrin PM (great when we go back to Africa), toothpaste, baby shampoo, razor pack, pack of 10 mechanical pencils, MMs for Jonathan's Easter basket, and $3 to spend next week!!

That razor pack is a great deal. . a razor, cartridge, battery, shave gel, cooling lotion, and thermal scrub on sale for $9.99 and you get back $4 in RR. Use the $5 coupon in the P&G Home Mailer and you get the pack for only 99 cents.

If you are new to Walgreens, you will want to read this post here and here or all my WAGS tips.
Let me know how you do!


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