Friday, March 25, 2011

One Student Saves More than Just $$$

Below is proof that this coupon thing oozes into all other areas of your life. You start being intentional about the way you grocery shop and that intentionality then spills over to other areas of your life.

Many of my coupon students at first, get really hooked on the "money" part of couponing, but the longer they shop this way, the more they see that this is a way to contribute, manage, and improve their homes. And that is why I have chosen the word "intentional".

See the email below:

Dear Su-

Your classes have rocked my world!!!!!!!

So I paid $25 for $75 dollars worth of groceries this morning. I got steak, veggies, cheeses and a ton of name-brand household items. I took a photo to show you (but have no idea how to load it/send it!! ), and as I took the picture, I thought of all the OTHER things that I have saved on.

I have saved time.

I have saved food I would have wasted. (I haven't thrown out a stalk of celery since your meal planning/freezer cooking class!!)

I have saved some hungry people, for a few meals at least.

I have saved a school with no yearbook.

I have saved the peace in my marriage.

I have saved the calmness in my home.

I am doing my son's school yearbook this year. During the last three weeks before deadline, I went to the store once a week to replace perishable items only. A few days ago, when my husband asked "What happened to the bank account?", I didn't have the customary sinking stomach feeling. I knew what he meant was "Where did all that money come from??"

I took your class in Nov. and have gradually grown my stockpile. The last three weeks, that is pretty much all we ate from. Additionally, since I had a meal plan ready, I wasn't in a panic every evening at 5 pm. We also have been able to give so much more to our church's food drive, and we have even strengthened ties with our neighbors in seeking their help (and unused coupons!).

Yes, our home is a changed place. We are beginning to work on making our home a place that looks like the home we love to be in - getting rid of things, making real space to really play. Hopefully, the next time I write to you it will also be to report how much healthier and trimmer we all are, too! I have a long way to go yet, but I have to stop and thank you for allowing God to use you in this way in my life. I do believe it will have eternal value as we bless those less fortunate than ourselves and teach the next generation Godly resourcefulness.


YES!! YES!! YES!! We were made to be the heartbeat of our home! We were made to run the intentional home. We can so do this.

And if this email makes you want to take my coupon class, there is still room in the class this Monday, March 28. Click here for all the details and shoot me an email at susoutter {at} bellsouth {dot} com so I can get your name on the class list.

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  1. Su. I would like to sign up for your last class... But couldn't figure out how to do so with my phone. I will fill out the form when we get back in town... :)


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