Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Snippets of My Week to Share With You

5 snippets of my week (and it is only Wed!) that I wanted to share with you:

1. I made this pulled pork in the crock pot for dinner. It smelt so good when the kids came home from school that they kept sneaking spoonfuls. Rob even had a "second dinner" before bedtime. . .he chose this over his normal bowl of cereal. It really is yummy. And the best part is it freezes!! Now it does take a good 12 hours to cook. .the recipe totals 16 hours, but with my crockpot it was done at 12 hours and I was afraid it was going to dry out, so I turned it off after 12 hours. Only 4 ingredients too!! As you may know, I try one new recipe a month and this was March's and it is a keeper!!

2. I began painting my master bathroom. . tore down all the white and blue stripe wallpaper and began painting it a "coffee with lots of cream" color. As I was painting I remembered this guest speaker at our church years ago. I may have the story a little wrong, but it went something like this. This speaker chose jobs like window washing, painting, cleaning homes so he would have time to pray. He purposely chose jobs that required more physical stamina than mental stamina so that he would have the day to talk to God. He found it easier to keep connected to God, to really pray thruout the day if he chose such jobs. He had the education and talent to be a CEO, but he felt like he was more effective as a prayer than a president or manager. That was what I pondered as I painted my master bathroom (and I prayed; each wall I prayed for a different kid). And I made a commitment to be a prayer more than I am a household manager. Not that I do not clean house, do laundry, make dinner, etc, but that I am just as intentional in praying as I am in managing. If I am not praying for my husband and kids, who is? So now I am trying to walk that out and figure out what that really looks like in real life cause I am convinced praying will make more of a difference than my managing.

3. I discovered this website called Pinterest. It it a virtual bulletin board, a place where you can create collections of things you find online and want to remember. No more bookmarking every single idea I want to go back to. Now I just "pin it" on my bulletin board. And you can pin items into different categories. I have one called Recipes to Try, Crafts to Make, Items for My Home, etc. Just fun, interesting, inspiring things I have found while blog surfing. You can check out my pin boards here.

4. Walmart does have a new coupon policy. Click here to see it. But the exciting things to note are:
  1. Coupons can now exceed the price of an item and overage will be given.
  2. Walgreens RR will now be accepted at Walmart as well as other Catalinas. They just need to say Manufacturer coupon on them. I tried this this week (when I had to go buy a new paint roller!) and they certainly did take my Walgreens RR. Now they do not take CVS' ECBS because ECBS do not say manufacturer coupon on them.
And if you want to see other store's coupon policies, click here. I did a post with links to all the stores around town.

5. My blog has a new look. If you are getting this post via email or in a reader, you will want to click here to come on over to my actual blog and see the new modern look. I will take you on a tour next week once I have tweaked it all. I am hoping to make my blog even more user friendly, even more of a resource for you. If you have any suggestions, shoot me an email.


  1. Oh, Sue! The new blog is absolutely GORGEOUS. Lovely pattern. :)

  2. Nice. You've been ambitious and productive my friend! Thank you for sharing.


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