Thursday, March 24, 2011

Student's First Coupon Trip!! & Free Samples

Wanted to share 2 emails with you. The first one is from Tammy who just took my coupon coupon class in February. Below she shares her first coupon shop ever where she saved 61%!!

And then the 2nd email is from Amy who just took my both my coupon class and meal planning/freezer cooking class and since then has been reading and searching online and learning all she can. She regularly sends me deals she has stumbled upon. .I love this. Below are her recent finds. Check them out.

Email #1:

Hi Su-

I just took your class in Feb and I wanted to tell you about my first coupon trip. I bought $96.27 worth of groceries for $37.89. YES!!!!! Totally excited me!

I got 2 bottles of Febreeze airfreshner, 1 Febreeze sit around airfreshner, 2 BIG bags of tortilla chips, 1 bag of frozen chicken breast, 1 bag of string cheese, 1 bag of frozen dinner rolls, bags of frozen vegs, 12 pack of toilet paper, 2 big boxes of Ziploc bags, 2 Airwick Plugins, Lysol spray, Covergirl mascara, Welches grape juice, and 3 things that I did not have coupons for!!

I thought I did pretty good for this being my first coupon trip, so I am hooked! Thanks again for everything and the inspiration!


Email #2:

Free samples of Purex, Yoplait, and Kotex Pads can be yours by signing up at the following links:



Kotex Pads:

You can get a FREE movie rental from any Block Buster Express (Blue Box) Kiosk with the code GHO7UU. This offer is valid until 3/27. Just remember to return it before 9 pm the next evening, or you will be charged for the second night.

And you can get a chance to win Bare Essential kit at

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  1. love your new blog look :) always love reading your posts and seeing how your obedience has blessed others.


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